Letter T Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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T is For Tree Preschool Printables and Art Activity

Today we are sharing our letter T worksheets for preschool kids to enjoy. These are fun printables for little ones to help encourage literacy and learning the alphabet. 

These letter T worksheets are quite fun and easy to use. I had lots of fun designing them and I’m sure they will go down well in the preschool setting or at home. 

You may like also want to create a letter t craft. Why not try this T is for Turkey Craft! Check it out! 

letter t worksheets for preschool kids

Letter T Worksheets 

You can not only use these letter T worksheets to promote literacy, you can use them to colour and paint as well as teach basic counting skills.

In this printable letter T worksheets pack you will get the following for free:

  • Color the tress activity sheet
  • Tree coloring page
  • Color the items starting with the letter T
  • Letter T tracing worksheet

You may want to use different mediums from crayons,or felts or even try painting with these fantastic letter t printables.

Tree Crafts for Kids to Help Teach the Letter T

Here are a few tree crafts which might be useful for teaching children about Trees and talking about the letter T.

Why not try our Truffula Trees Craft as a fun way to get crafty and talk about the letter T? You can see the full tutorial here on Craft Play Learn.

lorax truffula trees craft

You could check out these easy Spring Tree crafts over on the blog Crafts On Sea. Here there are four fantastic ideas for creating tree art with the little ones!

Try making a paper plate tree like the super cute one over on the hello Wonderful blog! Now that could be pretty fun!

There is also a fun tree stamping activity which I’m sure the children will love. After all who doesn’t love getting out the paints and getting creative?

This playdough Tree activity is also a fun idea for extending a child’s interest in trees and the letter T. You could also roll out the playdough and use it to create letters at the same time! You could also spell out the word Tree.

Download Your Letter T Printables Here!

Letter T worksheets

Don’t forget to check out our other alphabet printables. They are all free here on The Inspiration Edit. We have sets based on each letter of the alphabet! 

Check out our T is for Turtle Craft! It’s super easy and fun and one you will love!

t is for turtle craft

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