Lunch Box Ideas for Toddlers and School Kids

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Lunch box ideas for toddlers can be quite tricky at times. As an early years teacher, I often saw the lunch box meals parents sent for their kids. Some lunch box meals were plain, others lunch box ideas were fun, but the best was the cute bento recipes which were often a combination of fun, cute and healthy.


I think creating a tasty, fun, and healthy lunch box for kids can be really enjoyable. Now I’m no perfect mum and due to the reality of everyday life and the fact I have an adrenal failure, my daughter will be having school dinners when she goes back to school. However, we still love to make bento lunches on the weekend and when Sylvia has a school trip or fun event.

Today we have some fantastic lunch punch sandwich cutters which were gifted from Eat Well UK which I have used these to create our fun themed bento lunch ideas and I am sure you will love these as much as I do.

bento lunch ideas and Lunch Box Ideas For Toddlers

Cute Bento Recipes Kids Will Love

Some parents will love to create bento style lunch ideas everyday, whereas other parents like me may be very busy or be working crazy hours to provide for the family. Whichever type of parent you are, that’s okay.

There is no pressure to create these every day! Just have fun and try it out when you have time. We have to be real right!

I hope you love these lunch box ideas for toddler and school children. They are really cute. I’m sure you’ll love them and enjoy seeing my new Lunch punch sandwich cutters too. I am so thrilled. Here is a small list of the sandwich cutters I received.

  • Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters – Jigsaw
  • Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters-  Space
  • Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters-  Paws
  • Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters-  Dinosaurs

Bento Box Lunch Ideas for School

The first bento lunch box I’d like to share is one of my best lunch box ideas for toddlers. It’s a super cute monster and space themed box using the space themed lunch punch that has monster and rocket ship sandwich cutters.

I really enjoyed creating this one and my daughter thought it was really cute. Don’t you just love cute bento recipes like this?

Monster Siblings Lunch Box Ideas for Toddlers

Next I decided to create a Monster siblings or aliens siblings bento box idea. It’s two monsters with super cute googly eyes and the box has a lot of variety too.

Sylvia really liked this idea as did I and I found the double monster sandwich cutter really useful for this bento recipe.

Dinosaur Themed Kids Lunch Ideas for School

This is a super cute Dinosaur Bento box using the Stegosaurs Lunch Punch. I really like this sandwich cutter and we will be using it later in the week to make some dinosaur cookies.

We have a second Dinosaur Lunch box idea which is super cute and went down areal treat. This uses the lunch punch with mini dinosaur characters and I added plenty of healthy snacks as well as a pot of hummus and a huge dinosaur foot.

It’s always great to add heaps of healthy snacks when you have dips and hummus is a great source of protein which can help a child to feel fuller for longer.

 Cat And Dog Sandwich Cutters Make A Great Bento Box Idea

I was really excited to get the cat and dog lunch punch cutters because we are huge fans of pets especially dogs! Have you met Yoda and Casper? If you google their names together they rank on page one on google! I think it’s kind of cute.

Well today we made a cat bento box followed by a cat and dog paws bento box. Cat’s love fish and so we added basil tuna fish to this lunch box recipe. You can add googly eyes and use an icing pen to draw on a mouth. The cat and dog bento box also looked great together.

Looking at the photo I just had an idea to add whiskers using thin stings of carrot. maybe next time!

Christmas Lunch Box Idea for Kids

Lastly we had a really cute Christmas themed lunch box idea which was made using the jigsaw lunch punch sandwich cutters. You can butter these and add sprinkles or fairy dust to them to make them a little cheeky and we added a huge cucumber Christmas tree as well as holy and ivy to the yoghurt.

One great way to keep a bento box cool and keep the contents fresh is to have a cooler bag and ice pack. This is great during the hot summer months and can be purchased along with a bento yum box and lunch punch sandwich cutters over at Eat Well UK.

You might want to check them out. There are so many super cute things I’d love to try myself!

*We were sent the lunch punch items as samples*

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  1. I think my daughter will be fed at school when she starts kindergarten, but otherwise I’d be ordering the dinosaur cutters. She is dinosaur mad!

  2. Some really great ideas here – for adults as well as kids. The Bento boxes would be fantastic for adding a little variety to my usual packed lunches and I really love the sandwich cutters!
    C x

    1. Hi Diedra, You can make them using icing and a black food pen or you can buy them from the supermarket or amazon. I buy them as it’s quicker but making them is fun too!

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