Best Learning Math Tips for 4th Graders

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Puberty might be challenging, but 4th grade is often when kids begin to rethink their life decisions. As an adult, it’s easy to shrug this off and wonder: what’s so difficult about 4th-grade math anyway? Well, let’s lay it out, shall we? In third grade, kids often learn basic concepts like multiplication and division, and it might all seem super easy. However, in 4th grade, things start to change. Math 4th grade involves more complicated concepts like multi-digit multiplication. The learning pace also speeds up. Put simply, it’s like dipping your feet into a seemingly shallow pool only to discover that it’s a deep river.

So, how do you help your 4th grader get past this phase? How do you provide 4th-grade math help and ensure they learn efficiently? Well, here are a few tips to guide you: 

Encourage an Optimistic Attitude Toward Math

More often than not, students (and parents, too) voice out negative thoughts about math. Although this might be the norm, several studies have proven that negative thoughts often lead to math anxiety and an inability to solve math problems. On the other hand, positive thinking can help you use numbers and think mathematically in your daily life.

Thus, when teaching math to your kids or students, try to maintain and encourage an optimistic attitude toward math. Don’t regale them with tales of how bad you were at math or how you flunked all your math papers as a kid. While these messages are often meant to encourage them and make their struggles relatable, they hardly ever do the trick. Instead, they further solidify the notion that math is a big, scary subject.

So what can you do? For starters, treat math like a fun project you’re constantly looking forward to. Over time, your enthusiasm will rub off on them, and they’ll become more motivated to learn math.

Make Math a Part of Their Daily Lives.

Have you ever heard the quote, “practice makes perfect”? Although this saying is overused and a tad cliche, it certainly holds true when it comes to math. More often than not, kids learn concepts faster when they encounter and practice them daily.

So, if you’re looking to make 4th-grade math learning a breeze for your kid, it’s advisable to integrate math into their daily lives. For instance, when making dinner, ask them to help you measure food items such as flour or sugar.

Similarly, use your grocery shopping as an opportunity to teach them about money and other math concepts such as addition, subtraction, and profit and loss.

Personalize Word Problems

Here’s a fun fact you probably already knew: word problems can be super tricky for 4th graders. The typical word problem often contains a lot of information, making it hard for them to keep up. Take this, for example:

Mr. A has seventy-six apples. He gives out five apples to Mr. B and double of that number to Mr. C. how many apples does Mr. A have left?

Although you might be able to solve this problem in a few seconds, it’s going to take a while for the average 4th-grader. Thus, to help them understand word problems, you’ll need to get a little more personal and hands-on. Hand them the apples and act out the word problem. They’ll certainly catch on faster that way.

Utilize Game-Based Learning

Here’s the thing: math classrooms don’t have to be boring. As a parent or math tutor, you can enliven each learning session by introducing game-based learning. But what exactly is this concept? Game-based learning is a learning style where gaming principles are applied to teach a concept. According to experts,  In today’s world, educational games help kids assimilate and retain new concepts faster. This explains why many learning platforms, such as Brighterly and Duolingo, utilize this phenomenon.

So, if you’re trying to make 4th-grade math learning easier and more accessible, try playing math games for 4th graders with your kid. You could either download online math games or make up some activities on your own. There are no limitations to the possibilities you have!

Give Them Brain Breaks.

Math can be overwhelming, especially when kids have to sit in a spot for hours. Thus, try giving brain breaks to ease things for your kid and help them assimilate better. This involves splitting math lessons into smaller chunks and giving them a chance to cool off. This way, they’ll feel rejuvenated and eager to learn. Consequently, they’ll assimilate concepts faster and will be able to retain everything they’ve learned.

Final Thoughts

4th Grade is often a difficult phase for any kid. Throw in some complex math problems, and you have a kid who’s ready to combust. Fortunately, these tips will help your kid navigate 4th-grade math unscathed and eager to learn more.

Good luck!

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