Stylish Kids Clothing From Treasure House

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Stylish Kids Clothing From Treasure House

Today we are sharing some stylish kids clothing from TreasureHouse. We are so excited as it’s been a while since our last Sylvia’s Style post and Sylvia’s new clothes are so lovely.

TreasureHouse is a community of Mums that share beautiful hand me downs through an easy and convenient method which is not only a fantastic idea but a great way to prevent waste and protect the environment.

Did you know that the clothing industry is the 4th highest polluter in the UK? It’s true. It takes 2,720 litres of water to make one t-shirt. The production of 1 Kilogram of cotton garments actually uses 3 kilograms of chemicals and the amount of C02 produced from per household is the equivalent to the CO2 produced by 6000 cars.

We are huge fans of being less wasteful and we are always happy to have to hand me downs. In fact, we have often passed on Sylvia’s clothing to my sister’s girls in New Zealand, however, she lives so far away and the cost of transporting clothes is so expensive that it’s great to have another option such as TreasureHouse.

How Treasurehouse Works

So the way TreasureHouse works is simple. You are sent a bag to place your kids have outgrown clothing into. Next, you book a place convenient for you to drop the bag or request a prepaid postage label.

Once your old clothing is received the clothing items are inspected and valued and you will be given credit. Your credit amount will be sent via email and you are then able to buy new hand me down items from the TreasureHouse store.

Items Treasurehouse Do Not Accept

TreasureHouse has a high-quality standard and such they don’t accept the following items.

  • Certain fast fashion brands
  • Items with non-removable stains
  • Damaged or faulty clothing
  • Personal wear such as PJ,s socks and underwear
  • Footwear

This is a good thing as it ensures the quality of the items you purchase. If for some reason the clothing you send in does not meet the quality standards, they will then be donated to charity, which is where our clothes might have gone anyway or can be returned with a small postal charge.

Sylvia’s Rubacuori Coat From Treasurehouse

Sylvia received a brand new “hand me down” coat from Treasure House. When we received the coat, it was as if it was brand new, packaged and folded perfectly.

Sylvia’s new coat is perfect for the Autumn and Winter Season and just what we needed. The coat is from the Italian brand Rubacuori and still had the original tags.

The Rubacuori coat is so soft and fluffy and has a lined inner. Sylvia loves it and it’s going to keep her warm throughout AW18.

A Rubacuori Sweater and Leopard Print Trousers.

Sylvia’s Rubacuori sweater is also of great quality. The sweater has a faded leopard print at the top and is great for wearing out in the cold season.

The Rubacuori Sweater matches well with Sylvia’s new Take-Two trousers. This is another Italian brand and the trousers look awesome with both the Sweater and the New coat.

The colours and patterns blend well and it’s exciting to have some high-quality Italian clothing for my daughter this season.

Miss Grant Designer Trousers

The final item we were sent was a pair of Miss Grant designer trousers. These are gorgeous and I don’t think they have even been worn. The original tags are still on the trousers and they look brand new.

The Miss Grant trousers are black and great for wearing out to a formal event or when going out somewhere special. Maybe Sylvia can wear these to Disney On Ice next week. They would keep her looking trendy and the new coat will keep her warm for sure.

We really love the new clothing items we received from TreasureHouse and I do think it’s a great way to recycle high-quality brand clothing. We hope to try more TreasureHouse clothing in future.

Angela and Sylvia.

*The above items were gifted for the purpose of this blog post*

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  1. Gosh, I didn’t realise quite how much resources are used in the production of clothes, it seems like a crazy amount of waste! The idea of sharing high quality hand me downs is definitely something that should be considered, and this company seem like the perfect solution! 🙂

  2. oh this sounds like a lovely way to save money and try new clothes out for kiddos. and much more eco friendly as the old fashion can find new life

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