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Today on The Inspiration Edit we have a real special treat. It is Hasbro’s Chatty Charlie The Barkin Beagle by FurReal Friends. We are huge dog fans as you may know and so this was a great toy for us to review.

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The Chatty Charlie Barking Beagle is a really cool dog. He has an awesome collar which translates Charlie’s barks into the human voice so you know what he is saying. Charlie has over 80 Barks which turn to phrases and is really quite adorable.

Sylvia instantly liked Charlie The Barkin Beagle. He has a cute face, gorgeous big eyes and a cute tongue.

Charlie has cute playful ears which flap and he responds to both sound and touch. Charlie says things like “lets play” and “I need a hug”. When you hug him he tells you your awesome.

Charlie Beagle is a fun toy. He even fluffs and tries to say,”It wasn’t me” so he has something in common with our real dogs Yoda and Casper.

Sylvia loves her new FurReal friend and this is a fantastic new toy for her. We recently had a clear out and it’s nice to have less “quality toys” than a whole lot of junk.

Sylvia was been so excited about her new Dog that she couldn’t wait to invite her friend around to have a turn.

The Chatty Charlie 4 1.5v batteries and is available to buy at a number of children’s toys stores. Chatty Charlie costs between £53.99-60 from various retail stores. He is a fun dog to play with.

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