What Is a Duchess and How Kate Middleton Became the Duchess of Cambridge

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Kate Middleton has come a long way from her days as a young girl growing up in Berkshire, England. Now she is not only married to Prince William of Wales, but she has been bestowed with the title Duchess of Cambridge. While many people may be well aware that Kate is technically a Duchess, they may not know all of the duties that come along with being a Duchess.

This article will be sharing the roles and duties of a Duchess in the United Kingdom and I will be sharing just how Kate Middleton went from a commoner to a member of the British Royal Family.

The Title of Duchess

The title Duchess is given to women who are married to certain men in the United Kingdom. They are also women of nobility, but it does not mean that they are members of the royal family – even though some have close connections to them. To become a duchess one must have “duked” or married a man who is also a Duke.

Being a Duchess in the United Kingdom and being known as a duchess is very different than being known as an American Duchess. In America, to fit the category of an American Duchess one must either be born into wealth and have no need for their own job or they must marry a Duke and become a duchess in their own right.    

While being known as an American Duchess can give one great benefits like meeting other famous people and having lots of access to money, it does not carry with it the same formal duties that come along with being a duchess in the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge

A Duchess is the female ruler of a duchy. Traditionally, in English language, Duchess as a title was only given to the wife of a Duke which means a woman who rules over a dukedom.

Kate Middleton became known as the “Duchess of Cambridge” after marrying Prince William of Wales [British prince ] in 2011.

HRH Catherine “Kate” Middleton, is now formally styled Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge following her marriage to Prince William of Wales on 29 April 2011. Before marrying Prince William, Kate was a commoner and worked as an accessories buyer for British clothing retailer Jigsaw and as a freelance stylist for brands.

HRH Prince William of Wales is the elder son and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. He has been Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Cambridge since his mother’s accession in 1952. Upon William’s marriage to Catherine Middleton in April 2011, she became Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, and Lady Carrick Fergus.

Duties of a Duchess

A Duchess is a female member of nobility. The title of Duchess is given to women in certain European royal families who are essentially princesses by birth. Here, we shall see what Kate Middleton does as a Duchess and how Princess Diana influenced Kate Middleton’s life growing up.

Kate Middleton’s Duties as the Duchess of Cambridge

As a member of the British Royal Family, Kate’s duties include attending events and ceremonies with her husband, Prince William. On top of this, as a member of the Royal family she is also expected to dress appropriately for these events – wearing dresses or gowns that are age-appropriate and are not too revealing.

Kate Middleton’s duties also include visiting locations where she can reach out to and help the people within her country. This is a popular aspect of Kate’s life that has increased over the past couple years. On top of meeting with fans, Kate also spends time meeting with charities and the people who are in need of help.

Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge does all of this with her family at her side, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louie – whom she brings to many events and ceremonies. Whilst Kate and William’s children do attend school, they are often seen with their parents and are photographed at a variety of engagements.

Princess Diana’s Influence on Kate Middleton

As the daughter of a car dealer, Kate grew up as a commoner in Berkshire. She attended St Andrew’s School before going to Marlborough College – one of Britain’s top public schools . At school, Kate was known as “Katherine” and achieved two A grades at A Level before going to the University of St Andrews. There, she met Prince William and began dating him in 2003.

Kate’s life has been influenced by the late Princess Diana through a lot of different ways. For one, growing up as a young girl in Berkshire gave her some of the same opportunities that Princess Diana experienced growing up. Kate attended the same school as Diana.

Kate takes part in a lot of activities that Princess Diana participated in – such as supporting charities, going out to visit those who need help and being patron to certain organisations. These are all aspects that were present when Princess Diana was alive.

Dress and Decorum

Kate Middleton is a fashion icon and makes several public appearances wearing dresses by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. Kate Middleton’s style is often praised and she is seen as a fashion inspiration to other young women.

Dress codes are very important when meeting the Queen or Royal members of the family – such as Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. In one state dinner, Kate wore a turquoise Jenny Packham dress that was covered in silver beads and sequins.

The Duchess Of Cambridge also wears hats that have become her signature style. She is known to always match her hat to the colour of her dress – such as a grey beret with an Alexander McQueen gown. However, Kate Middleton has been criticised by fashion experts for repeating outfits too often. Personally I think it’s great to recycle and rewear clothing whether a duchess or not!

Princess Diana was also a fashion icon during her lifetime. In fact, it is not uncommon to see some of the dresses she wore in different museums around Europe because they are so iconic and beautiful.

Dress is important to members of the Royal Family as it not only reflects their rank and position but also shows who they are as a person.

As someone who is expected to dress appropriately, Kate Middleton knows how to make an impact with her style even if she is wearing something simple.

How to Write to the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess has an official website that is where her office shares the latest updates on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s daily lives. Although she doesn’t post herself, you can send a letter to kateandwilliam@royal.gsi.gov.uk

The duchess has her own Facebook page and Instagram. To learn more about how to address Kate Middleton correctly in a letter read this article: HOW TO WRITE TO THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE. You might also want to learn How To Write To Queen Elizabeth too!


Princess Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge is an amazing mother. She carries her duties as duchess with ease and grace – making sure she meets every little detail to perfection. The Duchess also spends time meeting with charities and the people who are in need of help. She is a great role model of how a Duchess should be and one would think will make a fantastic Queen in the future.

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