New Years Resolution Ideas for Mums

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It’s that time of year again where the new year is upon us. It’s a great time to think about what we would like to change or make better in our lives and use the new year to fuel us.

New Years Resolutions

If you’re like me, you might need some New Year’s resolution ideas to get you motivated. Either that or you just may be looking for new goals or different ideas that you don’t repeat every year. Here are a few unique ideas to tackle as a mum for the new year.

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Not Responding With Impatience

As a mum, we’re around the kids so much in a day that it can be easy to respond with an impatient attitude. Children pick up on these responses and can be hurt by them or mimic adult behaviour.

No parent wants either of these things to happen. So, this year, you might want to try focusing on responding with more patience. We could all do with having a little more patience. 

Organising Your Home

If kids are good at anything, it’s making and keeping the house messy. It can be really difficult to keep up on the day to day cleaning, much less go the extra mile to either organise or reorganise the house.

However, you can make a goal to do one room at a time or even one portion of a room at a time. You have the entire year to accomplish this so, don’t try to rush it, just fit it in when you can.

I love to organise and declutter so will be splitting the home into four sections and working on one section per quarter. I’m quite excited to try this out and not only organise but make small improvements each month.

Learning to Say No

If you’re anything like me, it may be hard for you to say no to people. If you’re good at this, I give you kudos because I find it difficult. However, sometimes, if we’re always saying yes, we’re stretching ourselves too thin and then we may become overwhelmed.

Why not focus on learning to say no once in a while so you can have a break and so can your family. In 2019 I will be saying no far more often and taking time to respond to the requests I get. I’ll be thinking about what’s best for me and my family and putting me first! 

Not Being Late

Out of all the New Year’s resolution ideas, this is one I want to work on the most. Sometimes when it comes to getting kids out of the house, or going anywhere on time or early is feels impossible.

Being late regular can make us feel irresponsible and sadly cause us as mums to lose respect or feel rubbish about ourselves. 

Even though we usually have a really good reason for why we’re late, some people won’t want to hear it.

This coming year one of my new year’s resolutions will be to prepare well so we can get out of the door and be on time.  

There are many other New Year’s resolution ideas out there and I could go on for quite a while listing them. However, these are just a few ideas to get the gears turning for your New Year’s motivation.


new years resolutions for mothers

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