30 Weeks After Gastric Bypass Surgery a New Focus

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30 Weeks After Gastric Bypass Surgery a New Focus

Well I cannot believe it’s been 30 Weeks since my Gastric Bypass surgery. It sure has been a learning curve and a long process and is something I am still adjusting to. I’m doing well. I’ve lost six stone since October 2014 and I’m really pleased with that.

Gastric bypass surgery

I have however stalled. I stalled around 8 weeks ago. I began to worry. Oh no what if I don’t lose any more weight. Is this normal for a gastric bypass patient. Will I lose anymore? Well last week I went to the hospital for my checkup and had a really good talk to the nurse.

I am following the rules of the Gastric Bypass. I’m eating 5 meals a day, all around the size of a small sandwich plate. I’m trying to eat protein first, then veg and carbs and eat fruit and good healthy choices.

I am still not able to exercise in the way I’d like but thats due to health issues and so I am simply working on weight loss based on what I put in my mouth. I can eat around 1,200 calories a day and I still stay the same weight.

Anyhow when I saw the nurse, she told me that many of the people I see on facebook who lose tons and tons of weight super fast will regain the weight. She told me it is normal to plateau for weeks at a time and then start losing again. she said the body needs time to catch up and redistribute fat in the right places. I was told that if I stick to the plan I will lose more.

Gastric Bypass patients are expected to lose 75% of excess weight. So the bariatric team hope for me to get down to around 14 Stone which is just under 90kg. I’m currently 99kg so I am according to the team in a good place.

However I do see many Gastric bypass patients who get down to 70kg and a size 10. I was told that these patients will probably regain and are also exercising and going to the gym. So that makes sense. The realistic goal for me then is to get to 90kg.

I’m currently 99kg which is 15.8 stone. I’m so so happy to be under the 100kg mark. My birthday goal in November was to be at 15 stone but in reality I don’t think I will be. Not for want of trying but my body is stalled.

So, I will focus on continuing to try and be healthy and trying to do the little exercise in the home I can. I want to go swimming when I feel well enough but have no idea when that will be. I will focus on getting the right nutrition and protein and vitamins.

I had my levels checked. I’m currently anemic, my vitamin D levels have dropped very low again which accounts for my exhaustion and lack of concentration of late. My zinc and folate is back to normal. I also got a letter from my Endocrinologist to say my Growth Hormone levels have dropped, which again accounts for some of the symptoms I’ve had. I’ve also had repeat infections had to up my steroids which can impact on weight.

So my goal up until my birthday needs to change. Instead of getting down to 15 stone, I need to focus on trying to get my vitamin, hormones and health levels right. This can take months but will help me to feel a little better.

My adrenal Insufficiency is stable with the pump I am using and I’m still saving for my own in future and paying for my monthly medication. The NHS declined my application to fund my medication- claiming the pump does not benefit me. My Doctor clearly did not give any supporting evidence of the improvements. I will have to keep fighting that one.

So for now I can be happy at 15 stone 8. My new focus is to get my vitamins and growth hormone correct and then try to lose some more weight. At least I’m not gaining! That is a bonus!

Angela x


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