5 Ways to Transform a Garden Room Into a Productive Home Office

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A garden room is an excellent use of garden space and can be used in so many practical ways! Office gardens being one of the most popular. These are an ideal place to work from home, whilst still maintaining that ‘at work’ environment. Courtesy of Swift Org, here are 5 ways to transform any garden room into a productive home office space. 

Transform a Garden Room Into A Productive Home Office

Keep your space clear of distractions 

When designing your own office space, wherever this may be, your distractions should be kept to a minimum. Although you may be tempted to go overboard with the interior design, sometimes simple is best. Consider the necessary features, such as a desk, lamp, and office chair, and prioritise these over other your wants first.

This tip will also help you complete the design of your office garden on a budget too!  Once you have fitted all the working essentials, then a few fun gadgets may be a great addition to your garden room. However, bear in mind that if you want to keep this space for working use only, try to keep distracting features to a minimum. 

Make Use of the Natural Light

If you already have a garden room or are in the process of designing and building one, natural light will be an incredible asset to you. According to research exposure to natural sunlight is incredibly beneficial throughout the working day.

It has been shown that it can help to improve focus, efficiency and reduce stress related symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and eyestrain. When considering where to arrange office furniture within your office garden room, it would certainly be beneficial to have your working desk looking out onto your garden, with the natural light facing you as you work. 

Introduce Plants Into Your Office Garden Room

Another great way to improve your productivity is to introduce plants into your office. Having real indoor plants inside an office or working space has been shown to improve levels of efficiency and helps to reduce stress levels, which is perfect for when you’re busy with work and meetings.

Plus, real plants help to maintain the oxygen levels of a room which is ideal for keeping the air pure and your lungs healthy. But, above anything else, plants simply look great, adding some colour to your office space.  

Choose your interior colours wisely 

In keeping with the topic of improving productivity, colours have been shown to have a true impact on our moods. The following colours are considered some of the best for office spaces: 

  • Blue is a great choice for offices since it has been proven to improve efficiency and productivity. This colour is equally great for garden rooms, no matter what their purpose, as it is a natural colour that creates a seamless blend between the outdoor garden and the indoor space of a garden room. 
  • Yellow is a bright colour that symbolises positivity and creativity. If your job requires lots of creative thinking, then a splash of yellow in your garden office may just be the perfect choice. Plus, yellow walls bring a bright, natural colour to your space that replicates the beautiful hues of spring and summer. 
  • Green is a colour that helps to create a sense of calm and harmony. Perfect for creating a balance between work and relaxation. Green will inject a sense of peace into your busy working environment. And again, this is another natural colour that will help to create a natural flow of colour when stepping in between your garden and your garden room.

Consider Connectivity to the Outside World

Obviously, with a space that has been designed away from the chaos of the home and the office, it can be tempting to hide away in your garden room, unseen and unheard. However, connectivity is an incredibly important factor to consider when designing your garden office room.

When working with your garden room designer, you should certainly ensure that the internet will reach your garden room or insist on installing a separate router to guarantee a strong connection while you work. This way your office garden room will allow you to be just as productive as you would be in the office, without any technical issues. 


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