Simple and Easy Cooking Tips to Eat Healthy

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The hardest part about trying to lose weight is finding the time to handle the daily details. Nevertheless, developing healthy meal prep routines in place is essential to weight loss goals.

To begin with, let us have our new mantra: Make Healthy eating choices

Yes, it’s time to make some changes in the battle to lose weight. Rather, than trying to cut out everything at once, start with making a few little tweaks.

cooking tips to eat healthy

Breakfast Meals

Weekday mornings are hellacious for practically every household across the country. There is the big rush to get out the door with hopefully, something more substantial than a cup of coffee in hand. Every place you pass is filled with high-priced high-calorie foods. So, instead of putting the most important meal of the day in the hands of high-priced gut busters; it would be better to take a few moments the night before.

Recipes like overnight oatmeal, are generally made with ingredients that are much better for you than something that was passed through a microwave. Keep in mind that proper planning for any meal depends on these two things:

Nutrition Facts

Read the labels. This is the first step in making sure that you are starting a meal off on the right foot. In the case of cereals (hot or cold), the serving size is between 1/4-1/2 a cup. Not to mention, there is a wealth of other information that will have a strong bearing on the rest of the ingredients of the meal. 

Plan the Work

Overnight oatmeal recipes should be eaten within 24 hours of making. However, by getting the ingredients together beforehand, each desired breakfast can be prepared the night before. Also, shopping for some ingredients in season will ensure that you are not bored with your breakfast.

Psst…there is one little secret. Overnight oatmeal is becoming very popular. So much so that meal kit services are beginning to offer the ingredients for them now too. 

Lunch Breaks

Ok, this can be a little bit tricky. People love to order out for lunch. Heck, companies make a big to-do about buying lunch for the office staff from time to time. However, baked chicken and wild rice sounds better than tiny ham and cheese sandwiches any day of the week.

Work Your Plan

Bringing leftovers to work, assumes that dinner was cooked the night before. If you are on a diet then you need to have meals on a regular basis. Starvation is not a diet plan. An extra 1/2 portion can be made to take for lunch the next day.

However, it is not the only way and there are so many options to be able to pack a healthy and delicious lunch.

Something Sweet

Remember, you are on a Try-It. So unless you plan to go into withdrawals from lack of sugar, pack some in the lunch. One or two mini candy bars or fun size something will be more than enough to beat back the sugar cravings.

Snack Attack

Let us be realistic, you are going to want something to snack on throughout the day. The idea is to forget what the vending machine looks like, so pack snacks with you. Candy is not a snack, neither are caramel or nougat filled, chocolate covered anything. Oh, and that bag of trail mix barely makes the cut. Just make sure to limit the candy-coated whatever it is.

You can choose snacks that increase your energy, lift your mood, and keep you healthy. No-bake protein cheesecake is a perfect choice for people who have a sweet tooth but want to stay healthy at the same time. You can use them even after a workout or when you are on a diet.     


Like the rest of the day’s meals, dinner requires a little planning if you are going to successfully stay on the path to weight loss. Consequently, if you have failed to plan; you have planned to fail.

Shopping and prepping the food in advance will make dinner a breeze to put together. There is nothing wrong with taking cooking tips from the grocery store.

For example:

Chicken breast, asparagus with garlic butter can be packaged in foil. Once home from work, prep heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and cook until done.

Meal Delivery

Subscribe to a healthy meal delivery kit. For those of us with really busy schedules, there are a plethora of options available from major box kit retailers like Hellofresh and Freshly to Factor, Sun Basket and more. Also many of these vendors offer plans that lend themselves to dietary restrictions.

To name a few, these include (but aren’t limited to) Green Chef, True Fare, Diet to Go, Purple Carrot, Sakara and Veestro. If the budget is right, consider a meal delivery option and get prepped meals delivered right to your doorstep. It’s an efficient way to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. 

Last Quick Tip

Life can be hectic, and healthy meal planning does not always fit neatly into a busy schedule the way we would like it to. Consequently, it can be hard to also learn cooking tips for your favorite foods. This is where the earlier suggestion of a meal kit, comes in very handy. All ingredients come pre-packaged into the delivery along with the instructions on how to cook it.

Moreover, do not forget about preserving fruits and veggies from meal kits for future use. There are several methods of food preservation, therefore it would be wise to find a no-hassle way to preserve unused food.

Meal kits are a perfect way to save time, learn new recipes and have some fun in the kitchen at the same time

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