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Are You Headed In The Right Direction For Success

Three weeks ago I rebranded my Family Lifestyle Blog from Days In Bed to The Inspiration Edit. It was a huge decision for me as I always felt stuck as if I were stood still at a fork at the road. It was not an easy decision but I really wanted a more specific Family Lifestyle focus for the Inspiration Edit.


I know I made the right decision. I excitedly got to work creating the new rebrand. All there is left to do is order two new category tabs and my future header from Ellie Illustrates. I’ve booked it in for the 16th December and cant wait to see the new design in two months.

I now have the categories I want and a real focussed for this blog. I feel I can now move forward in a more straight and organised niche of family, home, style and inspiration. I’m really excited and really pleased and cant wait to see where this new move takes me.

The first three weeks have been fantastic and I’ve done really great. The work and opportunities are still fantastic. I’m so happy and I have a plan. The decision did take me many months to come to and I did think about it for a long time, but if there is one thing in life my Mum has taught me is if you wait around and wish and don’t go and do what you want, you will never get where you want to be.

It’s true. Another friend recently said the same thing. I was getting a nice bag which I was going to save for my birthday. I was trying to decide whether to enjoy the bag straight away or save it. Too many times I’ve saved things and not used them. I think it has in part been due to fear. Fear of having nice things when I did not really feel like I deserved it and deep down it is a self esteem issue.

Having worked hard on this over the past year, I now feel I deserve things. It has taken me a long time to get to this point. I deserve to enjoy my handbag which I earned.  I deserve to be happy and I deserve to be successful in my dreams.

Now I feel this way I am able to move forward. I am not worried about what others think anymore. This is something which in the past really affected what I chose to do. Now I will do what me and my husband feel is right and not what everyone else thinks is right for us.

I made a huge decision last week. I decided as well as my new blog the Inspiration Edit, I am going to keep the Days In Bed Domain and Make a Health Magazine. I could have never have made this decision in the past not even a year ago. Emotionally I would have not been confident enough and been frozen by fear and what if’s and the “I’m not able to do this” mode of thinking.

However I am more confident. Of course I am scared and have fears but I have hope and believe in myself and my ability to succeed and so if I have goals and dreams, I need to work towards it today and not leave it for the future.

So I am now Angela Milnes Family Lifestyle Blogger at The Inspiration Edit. I am also Angela Milnes Writer and Editor of The Days In Bed Health Magazine.  I can do this. I believe I can. It is not going to be easy. It will be hard work, really hard but the sacrifice is worth making and I am so looking forward to seeing where things go in six months, a year and 5 years from now.

I have dreams, big dreams and I know with my new found confidence I can achieve anything I set my mind to even when I have difficulties and limitations. With that said, here is my quote for the week. I hope you like it.

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Angela x