Top 7 Underwear Must-Haves for Expectant Mothers

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Pregnancies differ from mother to mother. Some go through the trimesters through a breeze, while others don’t have quite a smooth journey. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that being able to carry your baby to full term is a miracle and a momentous occasion in itself.

It’s relatively more convenient to be pregnant these days with all the specialized products made specifically for moms-to-be available in the market. And as such, maternity fashion has become an industry unto itself, offering a wide array of clothing options for expectant mothers, from outerwear to underwear.

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Conditions That Entail Pregnancy

Finding the right undergarments is crucial for pregnant women because they need to be comfortable while they experience the symptoms and conditions that they go through for nine months or more. The most obvious ones are missed periods, nausea, and vomiting, which typically occur during early pregnancy. (1)

Frequent urination is one condition you’ll notice as your little tot grows in your womb. Later in your pregnancy, you might find these urges becoming more persistent, and you might not always make it to the bathroom in time before something leaks. As such, it’s wise to purchase some high-quality incontinence underwear to ease your worries about leakage, especially when you’re out and about.

You may also notice an increase in vaginal discharge when you’re pregnant. Leakproof undergarments can also help contain the fluids and prevent staining on your pants or dress.

Must-Have Underwear for Expectant Mothers

The right pair of maternity underwear not only alleviates your concerns about leakages and other discharges, but these products are also designed to provide support for your growing bump while ensuring the utmost comfort for you and your little one.

Since these undergarments are developed specifically for expectant mothers, they’re designed to be highly elastic and can withstand stretching. Invest in sustainable underwear and avoid damaging your regular underwear so you can still wear them once your body sheds off the baby weight. That said, here are the underwear each expectant mom should have in their closet:

Leak-Resistant Underwear

As mentioned earlier, leak-resistant underwear, like those designed for incontinence, can give you peace of mind even when your bladder is close to bursting because of the pressure that the baby is putting on your internal organs. You must remember that the urge to urinate will become more pronounced as you go through your third trimester.

You may also have digestion troubles, particularly constipation, during the first three months of your pregnancy. This is probably due to the iron supplements that your doctor may prescribe to aid the growth of your baby. Leak-resistant underwear can keep you and your pants safe from accidents. (2)

Additionally, there are instances when the amniotic fluid leaks or there’s vaginal bleeding. If any of these happen, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

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Low-Rise Maternity Briefs

If you’ve always been a fan of low-rise undies, you can definitely find low-rise maternity briefs that are designed to grow with your body. The product typically lies low in the front, which is great since it sits under your baby bump. On the other hand, it has fuller coverage for your rear and hips, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off as you move around.

This type of undergarment is ideal for moms who are carrying low. Plus, they’re great for those who has undergone C-section delivery since they won’t irritate the incision.

Maternity Shapewear

On the other hand, some women prefer to have full coverage. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to invest in maternity shapewear. This product provides the support of body-shapers, like the ones from Spanx, without feeling too stifling for your tummy. 

It also offers underbelly support, which is recommended for expectant mothers who are in their third trimester. Maternity shapewear can give you that confidence boost and allow you to wear bodycon dresses to show off that baby bump proudly. Who says that you can’t be sexy while expecting?

High-Rise Pregnancy Panties

High-rise pregnancy panties offer the support of maternity shapewear without full coverage. This way, you won’t feel too warm when wearing them during the summer months but still have the underbelly support you need for your growing tummy.

The major concerns about this type of panty, though, are slipping and rolling. You just have to make sure that the product you buy won’t have these problems.


If you’ve always preferred thongs, you can also find maternity thongs that won’t make you feel tight or squeezed in any way. These are great if you prefer more ease of movement because, sometimes, the full coverage of high-rise and maternity shapewear can restrict your motion, which is already impeded by your baby bump.

Moreover, pregnant women have been found to have a higher body temperature. The physical changes you experience during this stage can raise your body temperature a bit. Wearing maternity thongs can help you feel more comfortable down there. (3)

Seamless Hipster Undies

This type of undergarment is lightweight and nearly imperceptible even when worn under tight-fitting dresses or bottoms. You can opt for seamless hipster undies for your everyday wear or during special occasions when you need to don formal wear and don’t want any obvious panty lines.

Disposable Underwear

The hospital may provide you with disposable underwear that you can use during your stay before and after delivery. This product typically comes with a high-rise design to ensure maximum comfort for new moms.

More than comfort, expectant mothers should have disposable underwear handy even when they’ve checked out of the hospital to make life easier. It’s no secret that taking care of yourself, along with your infant, can be a full-time gig. With this product, you can cut down on chores that you have to do by just throwing them away once you’re done using them.

Of course, it won’t be sustainable to just wear disposable undergarments for months. Nonetheless, you can use them for a few days or weeks, postpartum, just until you’ve become accustomed to your routine with your little one.

What to Look for When Choosing Maternity Underwear

There are a lot of maternity underwear products from different brands in the market today. Just like any other clothing, you should take the time to find the best one for your needs and preferences. 

If you can, visit stores and try them on. If you don’t want to go outside because you just want to stay at home, you can definitely order online. Just make sure you know your measurements so you can get the perfect fit. But besides the utility and overall general feel of maternity underwear, here are the key factors you should look for when buying:

  • Comfort

Comfort should be your number one priority during pregnancy. Maternity underwear may seem frumpy and unstylish, but the comfort you receive more than makes up for these supposed downsides. Now more than ever, you should be focusing on getting relief where you can, especially with your undergarments.

The underwear you choose should make you feel comfortable as you go through immense changes in your body. After all, you don’t want your clothes to stress you out along with other aspects of pregnancy.

  • Material

Most maternity clothing products are made from a blend of cotton and spandex. Companies use cotton because it’s a very breathable material. It’s also softer and smoother on the skin, which can increase comfort.

On the other hand, spandex is used to enable the garment to grow along with your body. Its elasticity allows it to provide support to your baby bump without being too tight.

  • Fit

You still need to find the right size for your maternity underwear. Products can range from extra small to plus size. Knowing this, you must check your measurements regularly to ensure that you get the accurate size for your body. Be objective about this factor since, again, you want to be as comfortable as you can.

  • Support

Support is another factor that you should prioritize. As your tummy increases in size, it’ll put pressure on your back. Prevent backaches and other potential problems by finding underwear with the right support, especially for your underbelly. You have to particularly prepare for your third trimester when most babies suddenly seem to go through a growth spurt.

  • Price

You should also consider the price. While there is high-end maternity underwear out there, you can still find budget-friendly products that give you value for your money. You just have to research and read up on reviews about high-quality undergarments that don’t break the bank.


Pregnancy is a memorable time in any woman’s life. While there may be some discomfort, especially since your body goes through lots of changes, it’s still incredible to think about how a human being is developing inside your womb. Maternity underwear can help alleviate your concerns about common pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination and an increase in vaginal discharge. It can also provide support for your growing baby bump. 

There are plenty of options in the market today, so you can definitely find one that can accommodate your needs and preferences. Understand the different factors that you should prioritize when choosing maternity undergarments so you can get the most bang for your buck. 


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