5 Next-Level Ways to Become Better in the Kitchen

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Love to cook but need a little help in the kitchen? Want to be the next Gordon Ramsey but don’t know how to rise up the ranks? Then you, my friend, have come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you improve your kitchen skills. Read on to level up your cooking game!

Invest in a Great Knife Set

It’s practically impossible to cook without chef knives so make sure you’re buying the best you can afford to make your meal prep go from average to amazing.

A good quality chef’s knife, a small but sharp paring knife, and a serrated knife for any sawing action are essentials.

For those with a keen interest in culinary excellence, investing in a hand forged Damascus knife can elevate your cooking to new heights. These knives are not only stunning to look at but are also known for their incredible durability and exceptional sharpness.

A safe knife is a sharp knife so make sure you have a decent whetstone to keep your tools at their peak super-slicing capability.

Take part in a knife skills lesson or pick up some tips from YouTube to learn how to hold, slice and dice.

Season, Season Season!

Seasoning is so often overlooked but is absolutely key when giving your food flavor! Rather than just your usual dash of salt and pinch of pepper, try exotic dry rubs with bags of spices or a generous squeeze of lemon to liven up your dish.

Taste your food constantly whilst cooking so that you can recognize when you require a little more seasoning. If you’re a fan of chicken breast, brine it for 6 hours before cooking your chosen recipe for an easy way to achieve deliciously tender, tasty meat. 

Cook With Seasonal Ingredients

These days food is available pretty much all year round but try and cook with what is in season right now.

Strawberries in summer are ten times sweeter than in colder months. Winter is fabulous for apples and avocados, brussels sprouts, and beets (I could go all the way through the alphabet but you get the point!) eat what is fresh at the current time of year and your food will do all the talking without as much effort from you.

Use a Meat Thermometer

Meat thermometers are one of those gadgets that not everyone owns but should. They exist for a reason and they are fantastic when upping your meat cooking skills.

If you want to grill the perfect steak then checking its temperature is an easy way to getting it right every time! Buy a digital one for the most reading possible. 

Cook Your Fish in Parchment

If you manage to serve your salmon overcooked every time, you need to get some parchment paper. All fish is deliciously tender en papillote and it’s an easy skill to master. It will trap in the moisture of the fish, effectively helping to steam cook it and stop it from becoming a withered lump.

Try baking cod en papillote and adding in some herbs and a dash of olive oil. I promise that once you try it, you’ll never look back.

Are you exciting to try these tips? Add some of your own in the comments to help others improve their skills in the kitchen.

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