I Am a Parent With Chronic Illness

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Today I had an opportunity to talk to a friend. I told her that I miss my old blog Days In Bed. The thing is I used to write regular about my health journey and I really found it helpful and therapeutic.

Then something happened. I was told people were sick of hearing about it. It was suggested I focussed on earning a living from my blog and told no one wanted to hear about my chronic illness.

For a while I believed this. I hid myself and cut back focussing on other aspects of the blog which I enjoy.

chronic illness

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I’ve struggled for so long and it wasn’t until today that I realised that person who spoke to me was wrong. People do want to hear my story.

People do want to hear about living with chronic illness, living with adrenal insufficiency and about parenting with disabilities.

I realised that as wonderful as my blog may appear or be, there has been something missing and that is the real me, the unwell me and the chronically unwell Angela speaking about life.

I’m bringing it back. I am refocussing. I changed my tag line today. My tag is now Family Lifestyle and parenting with chronic illness. I changed my profile and about me to include my health condition.

I’m not going to listen to people who say I should not talk about this. I am going to be me and do what I know is best for me. I’m not going to focus on money earning anymore.

Whilst I do want this blog to bring in an income to help cover the costs of living and my expensive medical costs, the blog was not created as a business.


I started a blog to share my experiences and therefore I am going back to my roots and doing just that. If I take a hit in views, in job offers, in review items so be it. I want to be true to myself and balanced in what I write about and I am going to do just that.

If you don’t support this then tough! I support it and this will be my focus for the rest of the year.

That’s all I have to say on the matter. I want to start writing more from the heart. I want to share what I’m going through and so I will. Starting from today The Inspiration Edit is….

Family Lifestyle and Parenting With Chronic Illness.

And that is who I am!

Angela Milnes


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  1. If you want to talk about it i definitely think you should, why listen to what others tell you. If they don’t like it, then that is their problem

  2. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe someone told you that. You write if it helps you and I know it will help other people going through the same struggles knowing they are not alone

  3. That person was wrong, people do want to know, and know that there is somewhere out there they can go to find support or realise they are not alone. I am the parent of a child with a chronic illness, I was told last year by someone they don’t care and it doesn’t affect them, this was someone I thought was a friend. I have carried on through my blog writing about my Daughter and more recently how it affects me. The response was amazing, and I have reached out to other parents who were struggling alone. Well done for being true to yourself x

    1. Thanks Samantha! It took me a while to figure this out.. I’m finally feeling excited about my plans.

  4. Good for you! I find it interesting to read about you, illness and all….It is who you are and what you know. You should write about it x

  5. Good for you. I think it’s when we write about our lives and from the heart that our blogs come to life. Write about what matters to you and everything else will follow x

  6. Can’t believe somebody said that to you. It makes me quite angry. As a suffer of a number of chronic illnesses I fully support you raising awareness and as this is your blog you can write about what you like. I always came over and read you posts and found them inspirational and I have missed them.

    Can’t wait for you to go back to your roots xx

  7. I can’t believe someone said that to you ๐Ÿ™ I’m so pleased you’re ignoring them and writing about what you want.

  8. Do the things that will be more fulfilling to you. You can have both: to have a blog that earns money AND be able to share your heart out. An audience that responds well to you is better than a generalized one. Just write away!

  9. I can’t believe someone said that to you! That’s horrible. I’m so sorry. I’m sure a lot of people like to hear what you say and a lot can relate to you. I think your posts can be comforting for some people who experience similar things to you – as they may feel like their not alone! Don’t let that person get you down and please carry on. Hopefully that person this post and realises the effect their words. Hopefully they will think twice next time and keep their thought to themselves and scroll on instead of hurting someone else.

  10. Good on you for sticking to your guns and for deciding to write about what you really want to. Theres an audience out there for everyone and your posts could really help, inspire or comfort someone xxx

  11. Who on earth told you that noone wants to hear about your chronic health, they are obviously stupid because to me they are easily your best posts. I remember a fellow blogger call me out in a Facebook group saying that she ‘hated my content’ because it was depressing and noone wanted to hear my sob stories. Obviously I told her where to go, regardless of what people think I am not going to change my personal content and neither should you. Think of how many people are enlightened by your content x

  12. Good for you for writing about what you want to write – that’s the beauty of blogging. We’re in control of our content and can write about what we want to x

  13. I’m so sorry that was your experience. Darn it to mean people (extra). For me, when I write from the heart, those are my best posts. When I’m writing for what I think my audience is, it always feels forced and off. Bravo for following your gut! x

  14. Good on you. You should blog for yourself and write about the things that you want to write about. Don’t listen to what others have to say.

  15. I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with people talking to you like that. You should write for yourself, it’s your blog and you can talk about whatever you want!

  16. That person was so wrong – if it is a part of you and you want to write about it, your readers will want to read it. After all they come to the blog for YOU. So glad you are going to be writing about it again x

  17. You have made the right decision to write about your illness again Angela. This blog is about you and your family, honest blogs are so much more interesting than fluffed up isn’t life wonderful blogs. Let’s admit it – we can go on Facebook any time of day to see that sh’t, ha x

  18. This is what happened to me! People started moaning and so I stopped and focussed on only one blog subject. But I started hating my blog and felt silenced. Last year I decided f**k it, my blog, my rules and took it back. I’m so much happier now talking about green living and life with chronic illness.

    1. I feel happier already being me again. If people don’t like me as i am tough! This is my life and how I am and I want to share.

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