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Bariatric Friendly Recipes for gastric bypass patients and those who have had a gastric sleeve.

Today I am excited to share with you this fantastic roundup of Bariatric friendly recipes. Finding gastric bypass recipes is not something I found easy when I had bariatric surgery. In fact, following my gastric bypass I struggled a lot to cook good bariatric diet recipes. Hopefully with these fantastic bariatric recipe ideas you won’t have the same problem.


easy gastric bypass recipes

Easy Gastric Bypass Recipes To Enjoy

These easy gastric bypass recipes and gastric sleeve recipes are great to make at home. You can cook these meals for the whole family to enjoy or cook alone and store. My favourite is the chicken with spinach and tomato by low carb yum.

Making sure you get high protein and low carb meals is super important especially as you work to continue your weight loss journey. For more tips on high protein foods, visit our post – High Protein Foods After Gastric Bypass.

1. Caprese Hasselback Chicken from Low Carb Maven

When you are hungry and want a good meal, this recipe is worth trying out.

2. Chicken Pizza Crust from Low Carb Maven

I love this low carb option! Making Chicken Pizza Crust is a good idea.

3. Chicken with Spinach & Tomato from Low Carb Yum

When you are hungry, you might consider making this meal for your family.

4. Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers with Ground Turkey from Evolving Table

I’m a huge fan of making meals that involve ground turkey, it’s quite delicious.

5. Dill and Caper Egg Salad from A Clean Bake

Egg salad is awesome! Add in a little dill and caper and you have an amazing egg salad recipe.

6. Egg Roll in a Bowl from Evolving Table

Who doesn’t love Egg Roll in a Bowl? This is the best recipe I have found for egg roll in a bowl.

7. Protein Packed Black Bean & Lentil Soup from Skinny Ms.

When you need that protein in your body, this is one recipe that’s worth making.

8. Riced Veggie Bowls with Smoked Salmon from Forks & Folly

Get those veggies in your body with the help of this nutritious recipe.

More Gastric Bypass Recipes You Will Love.

These bariatric recipes are super tasty and full of nutrition. In fact, I love the sweet potato chicken nuggets. In New Zealand they call Sweet potato Kumara. It’s so tasty and lower in carbs than normal potato so I like to use this vegetable more regular now.

Chicken is also a favourite of mine. There are so many ways to cook chicken following gastric bypass and it is my number one meat source that helps me fill up on protein.

9. Shakshuka with Feta, Spinach & Artichoke Hearts from A Clean Bake

One delicious combination of food that I love is feta, spinach, and artichoke. Cook this recipe for your family, they will love it.

10. Sheet Pan Baked Tilapia from Garnish & Glaze

I’ve been craving a yummy tilapia recipe, I can’t wait to make this one.

11. Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin Dinner from Forks & Folly

We love making tenderloin in our family! This is a great summertime recipe when you are craving a tenderloin, but want to keep it a little healthier.

12. Superb Salmon Ceviche from Sugar Free Londoner

I crave seafood often. When I want something like salmon, this is my go to recipe.

13. Sweet Potato Chicken Nuggets from Living Sweet Moments

Kids love this Sweet Potato Chicken Nugget recipe! I don’t blame them, it’s yummy.

14. Tilapia Salad with Spinach & Creamy Avocado Dressing from Low Carb Yum

Another delicious tilapia recipe is this salad recipe. I love that there is also a dressing to go with it!

15. Tomato Stuffed Roasted Egg Plant from Living Sweet Moment

Do you have egg plant that you need to use up? This recipe is just what you need!

Getting healthy food after your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery is essential to successful weight loss. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t become overweight if we didn’t enjoy our food. However it is important to learn the basics from scratch and learn to enjoy healthier versions of food, healthier options and to stick to our gastric bypass diet.

I sure hope these recipes help you with your bariatric weight loss journey!