Planning Bariatric Friendly Recipes After Weight Loss Surgery

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After having a weight loss surgery completed, such as a gastric bypass surgery, you’ll need to adjust your eating habits and eat bariatric friendly recipes.

Learning how to eat less and healthier will be a lifelong habit to learn after you’ve returned home from your weight loss surgery.

In order to avoid weight gain and keep your stomach from being overfull, there are some bariatric diet plans that will assist in making sure you stay on the road to success with weight loss.

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The First Few Meals After Weight Loss Surgery

Immediately after your weight loss surgery, you’ll only be able to have liquids and perhaps protein shakes. This helps you keep your nutrient needs while your body recoups from surgery.

During the time you’re on a liquid-only diet, you’ll want to be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Keeping your water intake high and consistent after weight loss surgery will help keep your energy levels up as well as hydrate your body.

The first liquid pureed food I had after surgery was Parsnip soup. It was quite watery but full of nutrition which is just what I needed. I have a fantastic Bariatric Friendly soup recipe if you’d like to try it yourself.

Eating at Home After Weight Loss Surgery

After your liquid diet restriction has been lifted, you can start to enjoy pureed foods. This part of your diet happens around a few days up beyond two weeks depending on which weight loss surgery you had done.

This part of your healthy meal plan after weight loss surgery can include pureed that are high protein options like cottage cheese, tuna and ground turkey.

These are healthy options to ensure you keep your nutrients up while maintaining your requirement of pureed foods diet after weight loss surgery.

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Solid Food Meal Planning After Weight Loss Surgery

The solid food phase of your meal planning after weight loss surgery includes options that provide you with a high-protein, low-calorie intake.

This helps to ensure you avoid weight gain after your weight loss surgery.

This phase of solid food meal planning can occur 3-7 days up beyond 4 weeks, depending on which weight loss surgery you had completed.

You may enjoy some proteins such as fish, chicken, eggs or fat-free yogurt during this phase for some healthy food options.

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Planning Healthy Meals After Weight Loss Surgery

Now that you’ve achieved your goal and gone through each meal planning phase after your weight loss surgery, it’s time to start learning how to plan healthy meals so that you avoid weight regain.

The best long-term diet after gastric bypass surgery should be full of options such as lean proteins and vegetables as well as nutritious options like nuts, fruits and whole grains to ensure you have a balanced diet.

There are many healthy recipes available online that will ensure you avoid weight regain and continue to make
healthy food choices.

Having weight loss surgery is a big deal and with it comes a huge responsibility to maintain your proper weight level so that you avoid weight regain in the future.

These bariatric tips will surely help guide you forward so that you have much success in your healthy meal planning after weight loss surgery.

Why not my Guide to Weight Loss Surgery or visit my list of Soup Recipes for Gastric bypass patients following bariatric surgery! 

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