Rapunzel Ornament From Tangled

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We are loving the look of this Rapunzel Ornament! This easy Disney Tangled ornament is the perfect way to showcase your love for Disney! Since decorating the Christmas tree is so much fun, why not pop in the movie Tangled, pop up some popcorn, and create these adorable Rapunzel Christmas ornaments as well? Sounds like the perfect family-fun night to me!

Fun Facts About Rapunzel From Tangled

Are you a fan of Rapunzel? Check out these fun facts!

  • Tangled was actually the first movie from Disney ever to earn a PG rating
  • If Rapunzel’s hair was laid consecutively on the ground, it would be over 1,800 miles long!
  • Her hair weighs almost 11 pounds!

Supplies Needed for This Tangled Ornament

How to Make This Rapunzel Christmas Ornament

1) Download  the free printable Rapunzel template.

2) Print each of the pages of both templates on the correct color of card stock. The color is listed at the top of each page. You’ll have extra pieces, so you can use them to make more than one.

3) For each Rapunzel ornament cut out 2 ears, 2 purple and white dress pieces and 1 of each of the others.

4) Glue the ears behind the head and the other pieces to the front.

5) Add glitter to Rapunzel’s hair and dress.

6) Add glitter.

7) Make a hanger by looping a piece of twine and gluing it to the back of the ornaments.

8) Let the ornaments dry completely, and then they are ready to hang.

Get Your Free Rapunzel Template Here!

Paper Weave Fish Ocean Craft For Kids

weaving fish craft for preschool kids

This is a fun simple and easy Angel Fish Weave Craft. Enjoy.


Instructions for the bubble wrap print background:

Paint a large piece of bubble wrap with shades of blue paint.

Turn the bubble wrap over and place onto white paper.

Press firmly all over the bubble wrap.

Pull up the bubble wrap.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Download the fish template and print out.

Cut the template out.

Trace the fish onto colored cardstock and cut out.

Cut a large white circle and a smaller black circle.

Fold the fish in half and cut slits into the middle of the fish. Leave at least a half of an inch all the way around to avoid tearing the paper.

Cut strips of colored cardstock. (use a color different from the fish. (try using bold prints or textured cardstock)

Weave the colored cardstock strips in and out of the fish. Secure the ends with a bit of glue.

Use scissors to cut off any excess paper hanging over the sides.

Glue the eye together and then glue them onto the fish.

Use a black marker to add a smile to the fish and detail to the tail fin.

Glue the fish onto the bubble wrap print background.

Your fish is finished!


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