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This children’s hippo craft is super fun and easy to make!  In fact, it’s a fantastic and fun animal themed craft idea that you can make at home, in the preschool or kindergarten setting. 

Use the fun Hippo craft template to create one, two or maybe three super cute love heart hippos. It’s a great Hippo valentine craft and one we are super pleased to share with you today. You can also use this as a letter h hippo craft to help with literacy! 

You can also use this Hippopotamus activity as a way to teach kids interesting facts about the hippo. I’ve shared some basic facts below.

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Facts About Hippopotamus

  • Did you know that more than one Hippopotamus is called hippopotami and hippopotamuses. 
  • A male hippo is known as a bull. 
  • A female hippo is known as a cow.
  • A baby hippo is called a calf.
  • Hippos are very dangerous animals and spend a lot of time submerged in water.

Supplies Needed For This Toilet Tube Animal Craft

Print template out. Colour the template with crayons or markers.

Cut pieces out and set aside.

Paint the hippo toilet tube and allow the paint to dry completely. It may require multiple coats of paint.

Glue the hippopotamus template pieces onto the toilet tube.

Cut out your hippo’s eyes and glue onto the toilet tube.

Use a black marker to add a smile onto the face.

Your Valentines Hippo craft is ready to enjoy.

You may really enjoy more animal themed crafts. We have some fantastic ideas including some paper bag alligators. We also have a fun Zebra Craft and a fantastic Monkey themed preschool activity which I am sure you will love. 

Download your toilet tube hippo craft template and printable eyes here! 



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