Celebrating Dad’s Birthday Together on a Budget

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Celebrating Dad’s Birthday Together on a Budget

Monday was my husband’s birthday and this year we decided to celebrate our birthday’s on a budget. We are doing homemade cards, homemade cakes and one gift. I feel we need to be more frugal especially as we work towards building our blogs, The Inspiration Edit and Mr Geek And Gadgets and so we are making cuts in any area we can.

Sylvia loves to bake and she recently found a great recipe which she has been practicing. It’s a basic Victoria sponge cake which she adds cocoa to and it always turns out so well.

So Sylvia got to work on Sunday night preparing her dad’s birthday cake. We found a 50p smarties egg from Aldi and used that to decorate. Sylvia loved the cake and it was super tasty.

John had a great evening. He got a homemade card, an amazing cake and the new star wars movie which we watched together on Monday night. We all had a great day and the birthday was really special.

It felt like the birthday was more special than usual because everything was made from the heart and we spent time together and we loved John’s birthday. Next it will be Sylvia’s in May and I am excited about this.


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