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Peacock Cupcakes Party Food Ideas

peacock cupcakes creative cupcake ideas

Peacock Cupcakes Party Food Ideas

Have you ever seen Peacock Cupcakes? If not then your in for a treat. If your looking for party food ideas for kids that are unique and super cute then this fun cupcake idea is for you.

Cupcakes can be fun to make but even more fun to decorate and I’m sure you will enjoy making this creative cupcake idea at home or maybe at school with the kids.

Why Are Peacock Cupcakes Are a Must For Your Kids Party?

If you’ve learnt anything about peacocks you may know that they love to display their wonderful tail feathers. Peacocks have beautiful intricate designs and colours and I remember seeing a peacock when I visited Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. It was amazing and a highlight of my zoo trip that I won’t forget.

You may want to make these cupcakes alongside a Zoo trip, or maybe as part of a zoo themed unit study, however I’m sure these peacock cupcakes would go down well as stand out (just like the peacock does) at a children’s party.

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Using A Melting Pot To Make Peacock Cupcakes

This recipe involves chocolate and one of the best ways to melt chocolate is either in the microwave or by using a melting pot. A Wilton Melting pot might be a popular choice and you can find white, green and aqua blue chocolate melts on Amazon if they are not in the local Supermarket.

You may benefit from purchasing a double fondue or double chocolate melter with more than one section to speed up the process of melting the chocolate. This is one option to consider. A microwave or stove top can also do the job.

The Ingredients You Will Need To Make Your Peacock Cupcake


  • 6 Prepared Cupcakes, unfrosted
  • 1 Container White Frosting
  • 6 Blue Ice Cream Cake Cones
  • 12 Small Edible Eyes
  • Wilton Bubble Gum Sprinkles
  • 8 oz. Wilton Chocolate Melts, White
  • 8 oz. Wilton Chocolate Melts, Green
  • 8 oz. Wilton Chocolate Melts, Aqua Blue
  • Purple Sanding Sugar

Instructions For Making These Fantastic Peacock Cupcakes

Frost each cupcake with a layer of white frosting.

Cut the top rim off each blue cone and discard the top rims. Set the cone parts with the opened end down on a tray so bottoms of the cones are faced up.

Melt the white chocolate according to package directions and put it into a small plastic bag and snip the tip off.

Put 2 dots of chocolate on each cone on the side near the top and press 2 eyeballs on. Put a dot of chocolate under the eyes and stick an orange tiny bubble gum sprinkle to those. Let the chocolate harden.

Melt the other two colours of chocolate and put each of those colours in their own plastic bag and snip off an end.

To make the peacock feathers, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pipe a feather shape of each colour in a fan shape making sure the colours touch.

Sprinkle the purple sugar on the white feathers.

Put a little swirl of a different colour chocolate on each feather to resemble the multi-colour feathers of a peacock.

My feathers were about 3 inches long. Let these harden completely.

Use the white chocolate to make 6 little “W” shapes on the parchment paper no more than an inch tall. T

Make each of the chocolate colours and put a dot on each end of the “W” shapes.

Sprinkle some purple sugar on the little white dots. Let these harden completely.

These will be the little feathers for the top of the peacock’s heads.

On each cone on the opposite side of the eyes, put a dot of chocolate and stick a fan of the peacock feathers to it.

It should look like the big fan of feathers is behind the cone body and the face.

On top of each cone right above the eyes, put a dot of white chocolate, and stick the little feather “w” to it. Let all the chocolate harden. 

Put a peacock on each cupcake and press them into the frosting a little bit so they are secure.

These cute cupcakes are great for any zoo or animal party!

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  1. you post the cutest treats. The colors and fun feel always catch my eye in my feed. Unfortunately, I’m not the craftiest and this carries over into the kitchen! 🙁

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