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A while back, Sylvia got the Disney Frozen Flip and Switch. There are two Flip and switch castles. One for Ahna and one for Elsa. Sylvia was super excited to get her new toys as Christmas gifts and has played with them a lot over the past 16 weeks.


Disney Frozen Flip and Switch Review

frozen Flip and Switch

Sometimes I like to review an item several months after purchasing as that allows us to see how it fairs over time and if the toy maintains my daughter’s interest and is durable. We made a video back in January and I can say this little toy has been popular over the past few months and has not broken.

Each flip and switch castle comes with a dress for princess Ahna or Elsa and a piece of furniture with when flipped becomes something else. For example the Elsa furniture is a dressing table with mirror and a hanger for clothing. The Ahna furniture is a coach and a snow sleigh.

frozen Flip and Switch

Most little girls love the Disney Frozen movie and Sylvia is no exception. Her favourite princess happens to be Elsa. Sylvia loves to dress up as Elsa and play with her dolls in the flip and switch homes. When Sylvia got the disney frozen flip and switch, she was super happy and genuinely enjoys playing with both however the Elsa one is still the favourite.

Both castles/princess homes switch around to show a outside/balcony style home and also the inside of each princess room. We got ours from Tescos when they were on sale. I think these are fun for children particularly girls around my daughters age and there is plenty of time to play with them. The only critique i guess I have is that the little ornaments that come with the dolls are so tiny they can get lost so easily.

At the end of the day, these are a winning product which went down well with Sylvia and here is ur review we made at the time of opening.


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We purchased these items. They were not sent out for review.