Adding a Touch of Character to Your Home

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It’s very easy to design your home in the same way that everyone else does. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and those who tell you to feel bad for enjoying basic designs or going for the most popular decorations are not to be listened to. It’s your home, and you deserve to feel comfortable and appreciative in it and of it.

Yet it might be that sometimes, you feel as though it could do with a little of its own personality. Perhaps you’ve tried the local home furnishing stores and the most well-reviewed decorative products on Amazon, and now you just wish to try something a little out there, or something that references your own tastes more completely.

How can you even get started with something like that? Well, you’re in luck! It turns out that adding a touch of character to your home isn’t quite as intensive or difficult as you may have imagined. In this post, we’ll discuss how that can be, and what steps to take to make that a reality:

Exposed Brickwork

Sometimes, one of the best ways to add character is to reveal it. This is why so many people find it worthwhile to expose the brickwork of their home, treating it as appropriate so that it looks good. You can also go for fake brick inserts that provide much the same aesthetic while also providing that shielding and coverage necessary for certain areas of the household, like the bedroom or bathroom. These are known as brick slips.

Exposed brickwork can showcase the history of home, and while it might seem like the final say in decoration, can actually serve as just a nice stopgap measure you use for a couple of years while renovating the rest of the space. It’s not hard to see how a creative eye could prosper in that direction.


Our staircases are often underrated fixtures in our home. Many people see them as necessary, which they are, but there’s a great deal of room here to design on aesthetics too, rather than solely functionality. Of course, it’s essential to plan for function and safety above all else, even if that means integrating the most ghastly staircase you could.

That said, you don’t have to plan in this way. A beautiful banister rail that shows off personality, or staircases that are fixed properly to the wall and side unit, with a minor amount of space between each step, all of this can help add a unique aesthetic twist. Or, if you’re happy with the staircase itself, then using a measure such as a beautifully painted mural running up alongside its elevation can work wonders, too.

Treated Wood

Wood can be more than just a home decoration, but a fantastic implement with character and history behind it. It can be easy to forget that when we bring simple pine flat-packed furniture into our home. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with simple furniture and cheap wood (this can help define a home quite nicely), it might be that you wish to add some unique gravitas to the materials you bring in.

For instance, reclaimed wood that has a history and has been both converted and treated for proper use may be a wonderful addition to your space. Purchasing a large piece of wood left over from a large nearby building and having a craftsman fashion it into a table could be a wondrous place to start. If you’re thinking of replacing your front door, why not use this leftover wood and fashion it into a cabinet for your television? You’d be surprised how wood, appropriately cared for and under the capable attention of a carpenter, can make such a profound difference.

Unique Home Fixtures

Unique home fixtures are worth keeping in mind, from now into the future. Your particular home might have room for something that no other houses do. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to have a stream flowing through your back garden, then installing a small walkover bridge could heighten accessibility and include this beautiful area into the overall navigable design of the space.

Your home is bound to have some unique features worth paying attention to, regardless of if you’d identified them yet. It might just be that new exterior lanterns can serve as a magical means of lighting your garden path up to the front door. It’s often the little virtues and defining elements that add character to your home, so don’t feel as if you have to overthink things. 

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