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Preschool Fire Truck Craft Handprint Art

When I was a child I loved to see Fire Engines and the bright Red Fire Truck that often visited school or a country fair. I enjoyed climbing onto the Fire Truck and looking around. I recall dressing up as a fireman when the Fire Brigade visited my primary school and testing out the fire hose with the assistance of the fire fighters.

Learning about Fire Engines was pretty cool and I even painted a bright red fire engine which happens to be one of the best pieces of art I ever created. I loved it and still have the art work in a scrap book somewhere in the home.

preschool fire truck art idea

Today I am excited to share a simple and fun Fire Truck Craft idea which you can do with little ones in the home or in the classroom. This would be great to go alongside a story such as Good Night Fire Engines or Fire Engine Number 9, which are great for teaching young ones about emergency services.



What You Will Need For This Fire Truck Craft


  • Paper
  • Canvas Paint
  • Paint Brush

How To Make Your Fire Truck Art

Paint your child’s hand with red paint. (refer to the photo) Make sure they keep their hand open to avoid smearing the paint.

Press your child’s hand down firmly onto the canvas towards the bottom.

Help your child gently lift their hand off the canvas to avoid smearing the paint.

Allow the handprint to dry completely.

Paint the fire truck with a ladder, windows, a bell etc. Paint a road, grass and a sky onto the canvas.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Your fire truck handprint is complete.

preschool fire truck art idea

This is a simple and fun idea and one I think the kids will love! Enjoy!

Angela x

I just wanted to share this fantastic Fire Truck craft that my daughter made! I think it’s adorable! 

fire truck craft

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