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Love Leggings – Quality sports leggings for my daughter – Gifted

As a mother, I’ve always tried to encourage my daughter Sylvia to be active and healthy. She’s tried a few extracurricular activities over the years from ballet to gymnastics and swimming and she really does enjoy going out and trying new things.

Now Sylvia is at high school, she’s chosen to have piano lessons as her “new thing”. I’m really happy for Sylvia and the fact she walks to school and back each day means she is still getting plenty of exercise.

Sylvia also has Physical Education lessons at school, enjoys hanging at the park with her friends and attends a youth group once a week and free running on a Friday night. For all these activities my daughter needs a good pair of leggings and I’m super pleased that I discovered Love Leggings to meet my daughter’s needs.

Quality Sports Leggings for Tweens

My child is a typical tween. She continues to have growth spurts and is already a women’s size 12. Before she grew, I would purchase leggings from the local supermarket, however, I was finding these leggings were poor quality and they often developed holes in the knees and crotch areas really fast.

Being older now, Sylvia expressed an interest in wearing some sports leggings. I bought her one pair of women’s leggings when we were on holiday in New Zealand and she began wearing them all the time.

In fact,  Sylvia found sports leggings so comfortable that I knew we needed to find some more which she could wear for when she is active.

Black Cropped Sports Leggings

Sylvia told me she needed a pair of black sports leggings for school. We saw the Empower Midnight black cropped sports leggings on the Love Leggings website and they looked ideal for her needs.

Designed with running and fitness in mind, these black cropped leggings are made from stretch material and are designed to allow you to exercise with great support. The empower cropped sports leggings are high waisted, have a slight shimmer and a slimline pocket on the side.

These cropped leggings are ideal for Sylvia to wear at school for PE and will be great for any sports or fitness activities that she takes part in. They are breathable and the material means they are great for when you break into a sweat while doing cross country and running.

Mulberry Plum Full Length Sports Leggings

The second pair of leggings Sylvia chose was the Mulberry Plum full-length sports leggings. These are a fantastic colour and are great for exercise in the home or out of further afield.

The women’s full-length sports leggings are again made from a dry and breathable thick material. These sports leggings are designed to minimise distractions and maximise flexibility. They are yoga-inspired leggings with a no-fuss seam design.

The plum sports leggings have a flattering V-shaped waistband and my daughter said they are really comfortable. She didn’t want to take them off at the end of the day!

I really like the range of Sports Leggings that are available from Love Leggings and I’m really impressed with the quality. The thickness of the leggings means they are not see-through and the material makes them ideal for exercise and activity.

The Love leggings range is around £28.00 per pair which is quite a bit more than we paid at the local Supermarket but I see these as a great investment. Sylvia loves them and they are really top quality. In fact, my daughter said she wouldn’t mind some more leggings in other colours! We’ve clearly found a winning brand and I’m really pleased with the quality.

Top Quality Kids Leggings

Love Leggings not only sell Women’s leggings they have a whole range of leggings available for children and I’m going to be telling my sister all about them. I think finding kids leggings that last, which are high quality can be tricky. It was me and maybe it is for you. Well with Love Leggings it doesn’t have to be and you can order online from the comfort of your own home which is even better.

These items were gifted for the purpose of review. All opinions are honest and are my own!



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  1. Those look great! I love how much freedom of movement they offer. I also love that they’re not too tight. Leggings are great, but if they’re too tight you lose all the comfort you’re going for.

  2. Wow.. Tht leggings looks so great and durable. I hate it when the middle stitches shows too early.. I guess this one won’t be like that.

  3. These leggings are good. Better to wear them using active and sports day. Sometimes it is too comfy I even wear them all the time.

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