Is Your Child Ready to Learn Ballet?

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Is your Child Ready to Learn Ballet?

Here are ways to encourage physical activity by finding something your child loves -- like ballet!

Wondering if your child is ready to learn dance steps or best age to start ballet? Let me share with you my story and my best ways to encourage physical activity with kids. 

A few years ago, my daughter Sylvia started Ballet Lessons. I always wanted to give my daughter the opportunity to do extra curricular activities. So, after settling into a new area, we signed her up to gymnastics.

Steps my child loves to perform in ballet.

Sylvia enjoyed balancing on the beam and jumping over the box but there was a lot going on at home. We had recently moved house, mummy was unwell and my daughter started to cry whenever daddy took her to gymnastics. The class was after school and to be honest, I think the combination of missing mum and being tired from a long day of school meant it was not going to work.

How to Determine Best Classes for Kids

I didn’t want to push Sylvia so she stopped gymnastics after only 5 weeks and stayed home with mummy instead. Ever since then, I felt guilty and decided to review activities Sylvia could do in the future. I remembered she enjoyed music, singing, drama and dance. In addition, she is talented at art and has a creative mind. After a nice talk together, we decided to enrol her in swimming and performance dance.

First, we rang the local pools and there was a huge waiting list. So, we added Sylvia’s name down and waited until a spot came available. My husband John would take her to improve her swimming skills. To find the best classes near me, I searched online for local dance schools in the area. Thankfully, I found one which sounded really lovely.

Is your child happy with his or her decision in taking ballet?

Begin a Lifelong Interest Using Trial and Error

We let Sylvia try out the tap dance and Ballet classes. To our relief, she went to a performance dance class and she loved it. Sylvia came home all excited, showing me the moves she had learned and eager to do her Ballet homework. We were both happy for her newfound love of dance. She also tried Tap and although she really enjoyed it, she loved Ballet even more and so it began – Ballet lessons! 

Sylvia was so excited. While I couldn’t personally attend Sylvia’s classes due to health reasons, she eagerly revealed to me all the dance moves learned every week. Plus, she shared the various names of different ballet positions.

Sadly, after a year, Sylvia decided she no longer wanted to do Ballet. While I was hoping she would stick to it, the excitement waned and we weren’t going to push her anymore. We believe it’s not necessary to pay for something no longer thrilling to her.

Finding the right physical activity is key to happiness in a child.

Ways to Encourage Physical Activity

There are so many ways to encourage physical activity with your child, but let’s try asking them first! If they participate in the decision-making process, the results will be optimal! 

After speaking to Sylvia about the different activities available, she decided to try out swimming. So, as schools begin, she also started her swimming lessons. And, I am happy to report, Sylvia has really improved her swimming skills in just a matter of months. She has even moved up four levels — obviously, she absolutely loves swimming.

I think she has finally found her thing — we’re sticking with the activity she enjoys and excels at the most. While surprised at the outcome, she is happy so Mummy is happy! 

Does your child have ballet or swimming lessons? Would love to hear from you!



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  1. It’s great to hear she’s so passionate about the dance classes I hope she continues to enjoy them, ive done a couple of taster sessions with my girls but its the commitment thats hard for us as i have the three I can never get them into a class together so I always have one or 2 children hanging about bored ad usually causing havoc I am sure it’ll be something that gets better as they get older. Thanks for linking up to #KidsCorner

    1. Yes the commitment is hard especially with different Dance grades etc.That’s probably why we didnt do it as kids..too many of us so we all went swimming every saturday as a family. Angela xx

    1. I hope it went well! It’s exciting giving our children opportunities to do things. For me she is doing things I never had a chance to do as a child and that’s exciting for me. Angela x

  2. She does look so chuffed doesn’t she ? it’s great when they find something they enjoy.Hoping my daughter will fancy ballet or gymnastics,my eldest does free-running/parkour which scares the life out of me! X #snotallaboutyou

  3. My daughter decided she didnt want to do ballet after 2 years of going 🙁 sad I dont get to go to the performances anymore. She looks like a natural dancer keep it up x

    1. Knowing Sylvy she could chnage her mind in the future but we shall see. It’s about the process and having fun and as long as she enjoys it, I’ll try and send her.

      Angela x

  4. oh she looks so lovely in her ballet outfit! I never did dancing growing up so I think I’d only pursue that with my children if they ask for it – I usually did sporty things like gymnastics and swimming but it has to be what they want to do #snotallaboutyou

    1. Thanks. I never thought i’d have a girly girl. I was a tom boy and played soccer and rode a bmx bike so this is a little different to me. Thanks for popping by. Angela x

  5. Oh, Sylvia looks so happy! My daughter started ballet at 4 and ballet was a two minute walk from us so it was easy thing to do as well. We didn’t continue for long because she didn’t like the dressing up side of it so much – the hair and the performance after a while. It’s great that kids have such a wide range to choose from and we’ve been able to let our kids try and choose.

    1. Yes, I let Sylvia make choices and she tried some other activities and didn’t like them. I think she has now found what she likes but we will see. Time will tell! Angela x

  6. I really would love to take my daughter to ballet lessons. It’s something we are looking into for her. I think it’s always great for children to get involved in extra activities that they love. My daughter loves dancing and singing and so I thought that this would be the best class for her.

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