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Is your Child Ready to Learn Ballet?

learn ballet

what age should my child start ballet classes? Ballet lessons and costumes

A few years ago my daughter Sylvia started Ballet Lessons. I always wanted to give my daughter the opportunity to do extra curricular activities and so after settling into a new area we signed her up to gymnastics.

BalletSylvia enjoyed balancing on the beam and jumping over the box but there was a lot going on at home. We had recently moved house, mummy was unwell and my daughter started to cry whenever daddy took her to gymnastics. The class was after school and to be honest, I think the combination of missing mum and being tired from a long day of school meant it was not going to work.

I didn’t want to push Sylvia so she stopped gymnastics after only 5 weeks and stayed home with mummy instead. Ever since I felt guilty and thought of the activities Sylvia could do in the future. She loves music, singing, drama and dance. She is awesome at art and very creative. We had a good talk and decided to enrol her into Swimming and Dance.

We rang the local pools and there was a long waiting list. So we popped Sylvia’s name down and when a place comes available John will take her to improve her swimming skills. I looked around online for local dance schools in the area. I found one which sounded really lovely.


We let Sylvia try out the tap dance and Ballet classes. She went to Ballet and she loved it. Sylvia came home all excited, showing me the moves she had learnt and eager to do her Ballet homework. I was happy that she was happy. She also tried Tap and although she really enjoyed it, she loved the Ballet more and so she began Ballet lessons.

Sylvia was really excited. I could not personally attend Sylvia’s classes due to my health but it was great to see her showing me all the things she had learnt and telling me the names of different ballet positions.

After a year Sylvia decided she no longer wanted to do Ballet. I felt a little sad. I really had hoped it was something she would stick to but if she wasn’t happy attending and didn’t feel excited about it anymore then we were not going to push her or pay out for something she was not enjoying.


I spoke to Sylvia about the different options for other activities and she was keen to try out Swimming instead. in September last year she began her swimming lessons. Sylvia has really improved her swimming skills in a matter of months. She has moved up four levels and absolutely loves Swimming.

I think she has finally found her thing, the activity she enjoys the most. It wasn’t what I’d expected but so long as she is happy I am happy.

Does your child have ballet or swimming lessons?