A Family Night With Arla Goodness

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A Family Night To Remember In collaboration with Arla Foods. 

The past few months have been really hectic for my family. At the start of the Summer holidays, we travelled to New Zealand to visit family. During our final week overseas I became unwell and ended up in the hospital. Luckily I was able to travel home before I was admitted into hospital here in the UK. 

Sylvia started high school and I spent 10 days at the Wigan Hospital. I then began my recovery, visited a specialist in London and ended up back in Wigan hospital to have surgery this morning. It’s been one thing after another and we’ve barely had any time to be together as a family. 

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

Our Arla Goodness Family Night

Luckily on Friday night, Sylvia, John and I were able to enjoy a night in together watching a movie and enjoying a special package that had been sent to us from Arla Goodness. This was a much-needed distraction from the busy weeks we have had and a great way for us to enjoy time together as we enjoyed the taste of Arla Goodness milk. 

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

For our Arla Goodness night in, we decorated mugs, made popcorn, watched a movie together and played cards. We also enjoyed the health benefits of Arla Goodness milk which we used to make the most delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

Arla Goodness is a great way to help kids and adults to stay topped up with calcium. Just one 250ml glass of Arla milk contains 50% of an adult’s daily calcium intake. 

Arla Goodness Helps You Maintain a Balanced Diet

Dairy provides the highest source of calcium which is vital for growing children to support the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Sylvia has been having a lot of growth spurts recently. I actually discussed this on a panel on Facebook Live with Mumsnet and the ITV Health Editor Dr Hilary Jones. We discussed the importance of giving children the right nutrition to support growth and physical development. 

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

Arla Goodness contains just 1% fat and 30% more protein than semi-skimmed milk and it tasted yummy when we tested it out on Friday during our family Goodness night. 

Our Arla Goodness Family Night

So on Friday night, we opened up our Arla Goodness box and had a really fun time in the home as a family. Sylvia decorated some mugs, drawing the things that represented “Goodness” to her. 

We then played a card game, made popcorn and made our tasty hot chocolate in the decorated mugs using Arla Goodness Milk. 

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

Sylvia and I really enjoyed spending some quality time together especially after all that has gone on in the past few weeks. We had a fun night and she especially enjoyed using the new popcorn machine that we were sent. Sylvia is a huge fan of popcorn and also a fan of hot cocoa, made from milk.

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

Having Arla Goodness milk as part of a warm drink is a great way to get tweens and teenagers to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate Arla Goodness into your everyday family life, from warm drinks and a glass of milk to adding milk to cereal or eggs when making breakfast. Arla Goodness really is good for growing and active children. 

A Family night with Arla Goodness Milk

We really did have a great night on Friday and now I am home from hospital once more, I am hoping we can have some more fun times as a family and enjoy more Arla Goodness in our diet.

Arla Goodness is available in selected Tesco and Sainsbury stores. You can visit the Arla Foods website for more information. 

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  1. Oh no sorry to hear you have been so unwell but hot chocolate, popcorn and quiet family night in sounds just like the tonic you need. I’ve not tried Arla milk but I do enjoy a hot chocolate or two!

    1. We have started drinking a lot more milk recently and are loving having hot chocolates each night with Arla milk in the microwave!

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