Letter S Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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S is for Sun Preschool Alphabet Printable Sheets.

S is for sun and sunshine and today we have another weather related alphabet printable for the kids to enjoy. These letter S writing worksheets are fantastic with plenty of activities for the little ones to do. 

If you’re looking for a fun literacy activity for children which is sunshine themed then look no further. These letter s worksheets pdf are just what you need. We also have a few fantastic Sunshine themed crafts to get the kids engaged and enjoying the sunshine theme. 

letter s worksheets for preschool kids

Letter S Printables

In this free pack you get the following printables:

  • S is for Sun coloring page
  • Color the even number suns
  • Color the items starting with the letter S
  • Sun counting worksheet

Download this free alphabet printable for preschool kids. There is a sheet to colour in along with counting sheets.

It’s a fun and simple activity for preschool kids and a great activity to do outdoors in the sunshine or maybe on a rainy day or on a sunny day!

Kids can paint or color in these sheets and it’s a great opportunity to teach basic skills. 

Alphabet Books

You may want to read some letter S or Alphabet themed books to go alongside these printable worksheets for pre-k kids! Kids love the book Alphabet Trains and there are plenty more alphabet themed books out there in book stores, at the library and on Amazon.

Alphabet books are fantastic as they allow you to teach and show children the letters and sounds of the alphabet through pictures, stories and speaking. You can also sing the Alphabet Song with kids and or play Alphabet themed games such as naming animals, food or places starting with the letter S.

Download Your Letter S Printables Here!

Letter S worksheets

These printable worksheets are so fun and I worked hard to create something the kids will love. My daughter loved them and I’m sure you will too. 

Pre-K is such an important age for a young child’s development. As a preschool teacher, I found that those children who had literacy based activities and who read books in the home were better equipped to learn in the preschool environment.

The more we do as parents to help and encourage literacy and the love of reading and writing with our children the better! 

Why not try this fun paper plate sun craft today?

You may also enjoy the following preschool craft ideas:

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