How to Choose a Good Wallpaper for a Baby Nursery or Nursery Room

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Wallpaper For A Baby Nursery

The decision to put a baby in a nursery is one of the most important decisions new parents will make. It’s not just about having an area for your child to sleep, it’s also about creating a space where you’ll hopefully spend many precious moments with your little ones.

The right nursery wallpaper can help create this special space, and today I’ve put together some tips on how you can choose the best wallpapers for the perfect nursery.

safari bedroom with giraffe

Is Wallpaper Safe for a Nursery?

So you want to decorate the walls of your nursery and want to do so safely. Well, you don’t have to worry.

Wallpaper is safe for babies. All wallpaper sold in the USA and Europe must meet safety standards, and since parents are often more conscious of what’s best for their children, many wallpaper companies produce safe wallpaper with non-toxic materials.

Most wallpaper collections are designed to be safe for the home and no matter what style, be it modern, whimsical, a safari theme or a classic design, the wallpaper you choose will be safe for your precious baby girl or baby boy.

cloud wallpaper for baby room

What Is the Best Wallpaper for a Baby Nursery?

There are several different wallpaper types available, and when it comes to choosing the best wallpaper for your baby girl or boy’s bedrooms, you have a few different options to choose from

Pasted Wallpaper

Pasted wallpaper is very easy to install and simply requires applying paste to the back of it. Some wallpaper can come pre-pasted. Once done, all you have to do is put it up on your wall and smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles. It’s an affordable option and doesn’t require too much effort making it a good choice when decorating.

Non-pasted Wallpaper (Self Adhesive Wallpaper)

Non-pasted wallpaper is a good choice for those who want to avoid using paste. Self-adhesive comes with an adhesive strip on the back, which you can use as a guide when hanging up.

This type of wallpaper requires more effort but it does produce great results and works well in nurseries.

Self Adhesive murals are pretty popular and stylish and can transform a room into a creative and beautiful environment for your little one.

Both types of wallpaper are long-lasting and are used to transform spaces into colorful, bright, and modern rooms.

lion themed wallpaper for nursery room

How Can I Choose the Right Wallpaper for My Nursery?

There are five key things to look for when choosing nursery wallpaper;

  • – Pattern
  • – Hue
  • – Quality
  • – Permanence/Washability
  • – Price.  

We’ll look at each of these key factors to help you choose the best pattern wallpaper or wallpaper mural for your nursery design.


Choosing a Pattern for Your Nursery Wallpaper

The right wallpaper pattern can create a beautiful backdrop for your nursery decor and furniture.

The wallpaper you choose should fit with the rest of the design and be appropriate to your child’s age.

If you have an older baby, then it might make sense to go for a bold or bright theme that will catch their attention.

Whether it’s animals or nature, a fun kids theme, or a subtle gender-neutral room, choose a pattern that suits your style.

Pattern Wallpaper for Babies

If you’re looking at wallpaper patterns specifically for children, then it makes sense to go for something bright and bold that will appeal to little ones as they grow.

You might like striped wallpaper or wallpaper with dots or even cartoon characters.

Either way, choose a patterned wallpaper that fits in with your beautiful crib and the baby room design you have in mind.

Choose images or features on wallpapers that will last some time as your child grows. You may love this collection of themed nursery wallpaper.

What Hue Should I Choose?

The wallpaper hue should be appropriate for your baby’s age. For example, if you have a newborn then it probably makes sense to go for something more neutral or pastel in color – this will help calm their senses and make them feel relaxed when they are sleeping.

Hue & Colour for Nursery Wallpaper

Choose nursery wallpaper with a hue or color scheme that complements your furniture or style. This will help create your dream baby environment.

If you have a boy, then it might make sense to choose wallpaper with blue hues for the walls while if your baby is a girl, yellow wallpaper will create an ideal backdrop for their room design.

You can also go for neutral nursery wallpaper that works well in most rooms and doesn’t stand out too much

Quality of the Wallpaper

Nursery wallpapers should have a high-quality finish so that they don’t easily tear or damage when being fitted to your wall.

Look for wallpaper with good adhesion, with no bubbles underneath, that will stick properly to your walls without peeling off.

Wallpaper Installation

Whether you choose regular wallpaper or cute wallpaper murals for your feature wall, it’s a good idea to get wallpaper installation professionals to decorate.

Not only will they have the right wallpaper adhesive and paste, but they can also find out what wallpaper materials are suitable for your nursery walls and save you time and energy during your pregnancy or busy parenting hours.

Choosing to Decorate Your Baby Room

Of course, if you want to decorate yourself that’s fine. Read the wallpaper installation instructions carefully and get all your wallpaper tools ready so you can do a great job.

Permanence & Washability of Nursery Wallpaper

Nursery wallpapers should be easy to wash and not fade when exposed to sunlight or heat.

Choose a nursery wallpaper that is suitable for cleaning so if you have any accidents with spills on the walls it can be cleaned effectively.

Nursery Wall Stickers

You may choose to paint your wall and simply add colorful Nursery Wall stickers or soft fun decals which can be easily removed and replaced at a future date.

Is Peel and Stick Wallpaper Safe for the Nursery?

Simply peel and stick wallpaper is ideal for nurseries. This can be used on the wall or ceiling creatively and can add style to your rooms whilst still being safe for your little one.

Does Peel and Stick Wallpaper Come off Clean?

Peel and stick wallpaper is easy to clean. Make sure you use a mild detergent, such as soap or shampoo along with lukewarm water when cleaning the wallpaper surface.

Once dry, simply reposition the wallpaper on your wall if needed!

Price of Nursery Wallpaper

The nursery wallpaper you choose should be affordable and within your budget.

You can check online for wallpaper prices or shop around in different stores to find out what wallpaper DIY cost is involved before you buy.

DIY Nursery Wallpaper Murals

DIY nursery room wallpaper murals are becoming popular as an easy-to-install alternative to the regular wallpaper and this allows just one feature wall to be decorated.


Choosing an Inspired Design

There are many different styles and designs available when it comes to choosing nursery wallpaper, from bright and bold patterns that will stimulate the imagination to more neutral wallpapers that are suitable for a younger baby.

It’s worth thinking about what wallpaper, in particular, will suit your child and the room you have chosen to decorate, as well as what features you want to have in your baby room.

So How to Find Wallpaper Suppliers & Shops?

You can find wallpaper suppliers online by simply doing a search on Google for wallpaper stores or wallpaper shops.

There are also many nursery wallpaper ideas to inspire you on Pinterest, with plenty of creative design options to suit your needs and tastes too.

Be sure to check out the latest wallpaper designs and trends before making any final decisions so you get exactly what you want from your nursery wallpaper.

Online Wallpaper Options

Many wallpaper suppliers that operate online, will deliver wallpaper straight to your door. You can find out all about the latest wallpaper designs and even order samples for delivery before shopping and making any final decisions.

Getting nursery wallpaper samples is a great idea, especially as you work on the other elements of your nursery design

Choosing Nursery Room Wallpaper

Getting the walls right in your baby’s room is important. It will set the tone for the room and can complement the furniture, accessories, and toys kept in the nursery.

Choose a wallpaper that is suitable for your baby’s age and if possible, one they will enjoy looking at as they spend precious moments and build wonderful long-lasting memories with you.

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