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Are you looking for the best Kids Halloween Party food ideas? Well here are some amazing Frankenstein food ideas for you to try out at your next kids halloween party! 

I remember reading the story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in high school. I had to study the themes of the story for my exams. I have to be honest, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but these super cute Frankenstein Halloween party food ideas are totally up my street!

I love to share fun food ideas and am so excited to share these creative halloween food recipes here with you today! 

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Fun Halloween Food: Frankenstein Treats

I’ll begin by sharing these super cute  Frankenstein Halloween Cupcakes emoji style! We shared these fantastic Halloween party treats on the blog last year and they were a huge hit! Go check out this Frankenstein cupcake tutorial today! 

Frankenstein Monster Halloween Cupcakes

If your looking for fun halloween finger foods then these Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops are something you’ll want to consider making. These mallow pops are super cute and I love the candy eyes! 

If you are a fan of Pistachio recipes you will love this Pistachio Cream Frankenstein Pie recipe. Pie is always tasty in fall and a great Halloween themed dessert to try with the family. 

Frankenstein Ideas For Your Halloween Buffet Menu

Check out these Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes. I am sure these would go down a treat as a fun frankenstein themed food idea for the kids to make and enjoy! 

Have you tried making Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats? If not check out this fun halloween party food recipe. It’s a simple and easy halloween treat idea and doesn’t use many ingredients. 

Now if your looking for a healthy halloween recipe these Kiwifruit Frankensteins are the ideal snack to make for the kids. I think they are super cute. Being from New Zealand, I am quite partial to Kiwi fruit and am so excited to share this halloween buffet idea with you. 

Cute Frankenstein Halloween Party Themed Food

If your looking for the best halloween party cake then why not try making a Frankenstein Cake like this super cute one over on the Bird On A Cake Blog. This Frankenstein themed cake is super cute and would be a great showstopper at your next halloween get together. 

You can make Halloween Frankenstein Candy Cups or Frankenstein Oreos and I’m sure they will turn out a treat. These spooky party treats are easy to make and the tutorials are simple enough to follow. 


More Frankenstein Cupcake Ideas

If you want to see more fantastic Frankenstein cupcake recipes then here are a few more for you to enjoy! 

These cleverly made Frankenstein Cupcakes have super cute sprinkles and I love the way the bolts are made on Frankensteins head. 

If you’ve read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley then you’ll know that Frankenstein has a bride. Why not make these super cute Frankenstein and his Bride Cupcakes. They are super cute and fun halloween food ideas you’re guests will love. 

If you’re looking for a Halloween party show stopper then why not try our Frankenstein Marshmallow Cupcakes which are absolutely cute but the perfect halloween treat or trick or treat food! 

More Halloween Party Food Frankenstein Fans Will Love

Want to bake Halloween cookies with the kids? Whether you’re looking for a fun halloween food recipe to make at home or in the classroom these Frankenstein Cookies could go down a real treat! 

Are you a fan of Halloween Pretzels? Try this green Frankenstein Pretzels recipe. It’s one to make with the kids and will taste delicious. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered pretzel rods? 

What about these Frankenstein Smores? I’ve never met a child (or adult) who does not love smores and these Halloween smores are such a cute and simple Halloween party treat to make. 

frankenstein smores halloween treats

Making Halloween Party Food With Kids

Whether your making your Frankenstein treats for the kids or with the kids, fun halloween party food can be super fun to create. I really do hope you love all these creative Halloween party food ideas. Have fun this Halloween be safe, and enjoy making fun food with the kids for Halloween. 

rankenstein food for a party

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet then check out the following recipes! I’m sure you can make some amazing Halloween party food this season and would love to hear how it goes! Please do let me know in the comments! 

We have lots of Halloween fun food ideas here on The Inspiration Edit. If you’re having a spooky party this year, be sure to check out our Halloween Party Food Recipes. 

halloween party food

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