The Hardest Year of My Life

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Today I am turning 36 and I have to say I’m kind of glad. Being 35 was not fun. It was one of the hardest years of my life so far. I think what was incredibly hard for me was the fact I’ve just been constantly unwell with one thing after another with very little relief. 


I do suffer from Adrenal Insufficiency and a host of other health conditions and they have seriously limited my abilities during 2017 and 2018. I’ve been held back so much. I have achieved a lot however and fought to do incredible things but at the same time I have struggled to do the basics.

We did not travel or go on a family holiday while I was 35. We did visit Blackpool for two day trips, which was amazing, yet I was really unwell during those trips. I managed to go to London twice, yet again I was super unwell and this was mainly to see a specialist about my health conditions. I guess everything I have done has been incredibly exhausting. 

Over the past year, I’ve spent more time in the home than any other year. I’ve cancelled many events I’d hoped to attend and really struggled to come to terms with the way life is. 

I struggled to keep up with social media, I’ve struggled to attend church (which I personally love to do). I’ve had my hair done once during the whole year and simply felt exhausted and shattered a lot of the time. 

I’ve had to go back to using my wheelchair on and off and over the past 6 months have had the worst ongoing problems with my teeth. Life has been one appointment after another and one test after another and I even had a period where my mental health began to suffer.

I’ve also lost a family member this year which was really difficult but the silver lining is I got to see my Mum who travelled from New Zealand for the funeral. 

Despite all of these things I have achieved some amazing things. I have managed to keep blogging with all the obstacles in my path. I have grown my Pinterest account really well to help drive traffic and I signed up with Mediavine, meaning The Inspiration Edit can bring in a part time income. 

I’ve scraped and saved so we can go on a family holiday in the Summer of 2o19 and that is so super exciting. I know I’ll be really unwell but I am going to just go and rest in bed while on holiday in another location. 

We have made small improvements in our home and I’ve pitched and been able to review items to help the family, from a new vacuum cleaner, to a washing machine. We’ve had some lovely clothing reviews for Sylvia and I’ve been able to slowly improve things from the mattress we were sleeping on to collecting items for Sylvia for Christmas.

I’ve been sick and struggled but I have also achieved a lot for someone who is so unwell and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m going to write a list of 36 things I want to achieve while 36 and I’ll share that shortly.

Until then, I think I’m pretty awesome and I’ve coped really well. I hope this coming year is much better. 

Angela x

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  1. Happy birthday Angela and I am so sorry you have had such a hard year. I hope that the next year for you is more positive. I think what you manage to achieve despite being so ill is amazing and you should be proud of yourself x

  2. Happy birthday lovely lady!
    You have had such a hard year but have still acheived so much! The bad things are terrible but you have to look at all the positives. You should be proud of yourself. You are an inspiration. You are awesome xxx

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