8 Ways to De-stress When Your a Busy Mum

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Whether you’re in perfect health or have a chronic illness being a Mother is always going to keep you busy. I always have something I’m working on, either a blog task or meal preparations with Sylvia or simply spending time with my daughter. My child keeps me busy and I love being a busy mum, however, there are times I need to de-stress and relax.

busy mum
1. Deep Breaths

Sometimes I can get so carried away in an activity or task that I find myself breathing really fast and beginning to feel a little anxious. When this happens and I’m mindful enough to notice, I take a few moments to focus on my breathing and take time out for breathing exercises. I was taught this technique in counselling around 8 years ago and it’s a great technique for de-stressing.

2. Entertainment

I find reading or watching a mindless tv show can be really relaxing for me and help me to chill and take time out from the busy day. I especially enjoy watching television competitions like The Great British Bake Off. I don’t have to stress and can relax and enjoy watching and resting as I regain my energy.

3. Writing In my Journal

I’ve kept a journal most of my life and if I feel stressed, I write my thoughts down. Writing is very therapeutic for me and something I love to do. It really does help me to de-stress and feel relaxed and often helps me to see the bigger picture when worrying about something.

4. Decluttering the Home

I have never been a fan of clutter and even as a child I loved a peaceful clean and clam bedroom. Decluttering the home in one of the most relaxing things I can do for myself. Seeing a clean and tidy environment really does help. If the bedroom is a mess and I tidy around just for five minutes it can make a huge difference and help me to feel much more relaxed.

5. Organising my Work Space

Being a blogger I need a clean and tidy environment for writing and letting the creative juices flow.
I know I’m not the only one. Having a tidy workspace for me and for Sylvia as she does her homework is so so important. Rattan Furniture Shop recently asked in a survey what helps you to unwind when you’re feeling stressed. For me, it would have to be sitting at a clean and peaceful work desk. It’s the same for Sylvia. If she sits at a messy desktop for homework she will feel more stressed than if space is organised and ready for learning. It makes such a difference.

6. Taking time out in The Garden

I love to step out into the fresh air and when I was well enough for a walk. These days if I need fresh air I go and sit in the garden and chill. Sometimes with a smoothie or tasty drink. I love the cool weather and the breeze and sitting outside can have a real calming affect for me.</>

7. Resting on The Bed

For me, resting on the bed is always my go-to de-stress zone. I love just laying on my fabulous and comfy bed with fresh clean sheets and a duvet. Add a scented candle such as a Yankee candle or a diffuser and the smell can really help me to relax. In fact, sometimes I just like to chill with my daughter on the bed and it helps us both to feel calm and de-stressed.

8. Massage

One of the most relaxing things, when I feel stressed, is to have a mini back rub. If you have a partner or husband who can spare 2 minutes then this is great. Also, you can teach your child to massage. Sylvia and I have different fun names for massage strokes such as “The Crab”, “Gentle jellyfish” and “The swimming fish”. Sometimes my daughter will come and give me a 2 minute back rub and it can be very very relaxing. I guess I’m really lucky in that sense.

These are my top 8 tips for De-stressing when you are a busy mum. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Angela xx

busy mum

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  1. Making time to relax is so important when your a Mum, busy looking after everyone else. I always feel better when I’ve been outside for a walk and decluttering the house is a big deal to me too

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