When Life Passes You by the Portrait Project

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When Life Passes You by the Portrait Project

Today I’m sharing a lovely photo of my daughter blowing out a dandelion clock. It was only a few weeks ago that the garden was full of yellow dandelions, then the clocks appeared and now all the clocks are gone. It’s amazing how time flies. My life has passed by so quickly. It was 20 years ago that I had migrated with my family to New Zealand and was finding my way in a new place, adapting to a new culture and life experience.


I spent my teenage years in New Zealand and my early adult years. It wasn’t until 2010 that I returned home to the United Kingdom. By this time I was 27, a teacher and a single Mother. The past 7 years have gone so fast. A lot has happened and my life has changed dramatically. We have had our ups and downs. I have found love and now have a wonderful husband and two lovely dogs. My daughter has grown and sometimes I can’t quite believe I’m in my mid thirties now. I feel so old.

I’m working so hard to try and give my daughter the best life. I have a dream of one day having a second child. We would love to adopt and our family would be complete. I am building my online dream and we are making our home beautiful. I know life is not easy especially with my health conditions and the issues with the NHS really scare me. I hope I can always get the treatments I need to stay alive. Adrenal Insufficiency is a life threatening illness and so I will always need to be on my adrenal pump and pay for this treatment to stay stable. It’s a scary thing but I know if me and my husband work hard we can find a way to fund this no matter what happens to the NHS in future.

I hope our family dreams can come true and that it all is just a matter of time. There is a time and a season for everything and we just have to keep working hard to achieve our dreams. We can do this.

Angela x


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  1. It is scary worrying about the future of the NHS. But don’t let that stop you enjoying your life. This is a lovely, heartfelt post. I hope all your dreams & wishes come true xxx

    1. thanks Sarah. It is a worry at time but I have to get on with life and keep working towards our dreams!

  2. Oh Angela
    I too fear for the NHS, for myself and so many others. I think you’re right to stay calm about it and realise that one way or another, everything will be ok x

  3. I really hope it doesn’t get to the stage where you have to fund your own treatment. On a brighter note, your plans for your family sound lovely (especially the dogs!)

    1. Sadly I do have to fund my treatment – the Adrenal pump and supplies which is around £150 a month but I am able to get my iron infusions and growth hormone injections on the nhs. They should really cover it all but they wont.

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