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Tips For Getting A Good Night Sleep

Discomfort, insomnia, and stress are just a few reasons why we have a hard time getting to sleep at night. How about some tips and techniques to help you? Here are some top tips on how to get a good night sleep!

I have had sleeping issues for a long time. It comes with my Adrenal Insufficiency.  I wouldn’t quite call it insomnia, but it sure does make my days super long and my nights even longer.

We all have heard about counting sheep, and well frankly, that does not work for me. So I am going to share some of my tried and true methods.

good night's sleep

Tips and Techniques For A Good Night’s Sleep


Lavender is a great scent that can help calm your body and help you fall asleep.

Researchers do not know exactly why lavender helps, but studies have shown that people who smell it before falling asleep do have a better night’s sleep.

One of the best ways to use lavender in your bedroom is using an oil diffuser using essential oils.

You can also make sprays, or use a satchel that you put in your pillow or near your bed.

Adjustable Recliner

Sometimes position can play a part in why you are having issues sleeping. I love a comfortable bed however for some there needs to be an alternative.

My grandpa can no longer sleep in a standard bed. Instead, he uses an adjustable recliner chair. Grandpa find he can sleep much much more comfortable in a reclined position and it really helps with his breathing when compared to a flat bed.

I imagine if Grandpa had an adjustable bed similar to the hospital he might be more happy to sleep on a bed but grandpa insists riser recliner chairs for the elderly can do the trick just right.

Getting a good nights sleep when you have illness really does make a difference during the day and helps me to feel more well rested.

Relaxation For A Good Night Sleep

Learning a few relaxation techniques can really help your sleeping pattern. A few different techniques would include deep breathing and calm music.

Slowly inhale and slowly exhale. This can help you to relax and if this does not work you can try calming music such as ocean waves or nature sounds.

The key is to relax your body and your brain and will help you settle into a good nights sleep.


I really dislike most over the counter sleep aids. They leave me feeling groggy in the morning and I have enough medication as it is.

Melatonin however can help you get into sleepy land faster.

It is what our brain uses to regulate our wake-sleep patterns.

Typically when I am having a major issue falling asleep for a long period of time I might take melatonin for a few days.

You can find melatonin at your local health food stores and some department stores.

Keep in mind, I am not a medical doctor, and I do not recommend you use this without contacting your doctor.

Turn off your TV and electronics

While gentle music is okay if you are having issues falling asleep try turning off your TV and electronics. If you are watching or listening to an interesting TV show, your brain is focused on that and not sleeping.

If you are reaching for your cell phone to check the latest status posts or trending articles, your brain is focused on that.

Try shutting it off, and closing your eyes. I have to tell my daughter this all the time. She loves to play on the computer or watch sponge bob square pants before bed, and if I’m not aware she will sneak her Ipod into bed and watch kids youtube instead of sleeping.

Fortunately, we have a routine in place where Sylvia has to wind down before bed with no electrical and this is helping her to fall asleep faster. 

Despite the difficulties we humans have our dogs Yoda and Casper can sleep anywhere at any time. They are carefree and I guess very lucky when it comes to sleeping patterns.

So these are my tips and tricks to falling asleep.

What are your tips, tricks and techniques to getting to sleep at night? I’d love to hear from you.

Angela x

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