5 Things My Grandpa Taught Me

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5 Things My Grandpa Taught Me

The past two weeks has been a whirlwind of emotions with bittersweet moments, heartache, happiness and sadness. I went to Yorkshire to visit my Grandpa and help look after him until he passed away a few days ago.

We knew Grandpa was very unwell. He had been for many months but no matter how much time a loved one has left, you’re never really ready to lose them and it still hurts and is a difficult time for all.

Whilst I am really sad to for the loss of such a wonderful family member and friend, I am grateful my grandfather is no longer suffering. I am grateful he is at peace and I believe he is now which his loved ones who had passed before him.

Not everyone believes in life after death. Not everyone is religious but I do believe. I believe that one day my family will be reunited on the other side and I know that this separation is temporary. I believe I will see my grandfather again.

Today in memory of grandpa I wanted to share 5 things that he taught me. He was a really kind and a gentle man who often served and helped those around him and I would like to share a few things I have learnt from the good example that my grandfather was.

5 Things My Grandpa Taught Me

Love One Another

Grandpa taught me the importance of showing love towards everyone. He was the kind of man who would stop to talk to strangers. He showed appreciation to everyone who served him from the shop keeper to the bus driver, to the bin man.

Grandpa would always speak with those around him and even gave gifts to the postman each year to say thank you for bringing the mail each day.

My grandpa was the kind of man who cared about everyone and he made each and every person he met feel special and loved. He truly was a great example to me.

Thinking of Others

One of the things grandpa would always do was to wash out cans, bottles and containers. He always said, “If I do this, then someone else will not have to do it”.

He thought of others and his actions showed how much he cared for other people. I am going to try and do the same and try to follow this great example of thinking of others in all I do.

Praying for Others

My grandfather would pray each night with his family. Whenever we visited, we would have family prayers. My grandfather’s prayers were always longer than most people’s prayers and this is because he would pray for everyone in the family.

He would pray for his friends and those in need. He would think of others and pray for the things they needed. My grandfather taught me the importance of praying for others rather than praying for yourself.

Whether you are religious or not, thinking of others and a great thing to do and I have learnt to be a better person through grandpa’s example.

Sharing With Others

My grandfather was never rich. He worked in a signal box for the railway services and had a modest income. However, grandpa has always shared and been generous.

For as long as I can remember, my grandpa would buy sweets and treats and share them out. He always gave gifts to others and even bought my husband his favourite fizzy drink each time we visited his home.

Grandpa taught me to be charitable and kind and to share what I have and that’s a quality I’ve been able to pick up from him. I’m grateful that he taught me this.

Loving My Grandma

Right up until the time my grandfather could no longer speak he expressed his concern and love for my grandmother. Grandpa loved my grandma with all his heart. He showed this to us with his example, through his patience and kind acts.

On Friday, my grandpa wanted me to search for something my grandma had misplaced. He was sick and dying but he wanted my grandma to be happy and have something she had lost. He wanted her to be happy. He put her first and always thought of her.

He truly loved my grandmother and I could see this by his actions and deeds. My grandpa would be happy when his wife was happy. He was happy when grandma was able to go to art class. He was happy when grandma bought new things for the home and when she was happy.

I’ve never known someone so sweet and loving as my grandfather and he surely will be missed.


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