Children Around the World Floor Puzzle

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Children Around The World Jigsaw Puzzle: A Review

Whilst visiting my sister in New Zealand I had the opportunity to spend time with my niece Evie. Eve is at a stage where she loved jigsaw puzzles and games and so we spent quite some time working on different puzzles in the home. 

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One of the puzzles we tested out was the Melissa and Doug Children Around The World Floor Puzzle, a super awesome kids puzzle which we enjoyed working on over and over during the week. Today I am sharing a review of this puzzle. 

The puzzle was purchased as a gift for Eve by her grandmother. 

Melissa and Doug Children Around the World Floor Puzzle

The  Melissa and Doug Children Around The World Floor Puzzle is a 48 piece floor puzzle for children aged 3 to 6 years. This puzzle is made from extra thick cardboard pieces and is super easy for kids to put together. The finished puzzle displays a beautiful image of kids from around the world which I think is both fun and educational for little ones. 

Easy to Clean Jigsaw Puzzles

The Children around the world puzzle has a easy to clean surface which can be wiped and kept clean. I think this is a great feature and love how engaging and fun the puzzle can be when putting the pieces together. 

Educational Puzzles for Kids

As with any puzzle, the Children around the world puzzle by Melissa and Doug has several educational benefits. These include:

  • Promoting hand eye coordination.
  • Helping kids develop problem solving skills.
  • Teaching children other cultures and that we are all unique. 

I really love this floor puzzle. It’s a great size. The pieces are easy to put together but the puzzle is also challenging enough to get children engaged and working hard to complete the challenge. It’s a fun puzzle which I love and my niece really enjoyed playing with. 

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    1. Oh it is and really interesting too. It sparked a few conversations and is a great way to teach about diversity.

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