5 Gifts for Christmas

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This year has certainly been a strange year for my family and many around the world. We have had highs and lows, up ands downs and some seriously stressful moments. I think with Christmas around the corner it’s going to be an opportunity to relax and take a break and enjoy ourselves

One thing I do love about Christmas (besides the food) is giving gifts. I love to give gifts to family members and friends and to see the smiles and joy on my friends faces. I try to be mindful when choosing gifts and each year we love to send items to our nephews and my cousins.

What to Gift for Christmas

This year was not too different for me. I’ve ordered most of my gifts from online stores, the internet and amazon. This is usually the case as I have chronic health conditions which make getting out and about very difficult. However I assume many busy mums and family members also use the internet to order gifts because it saves time when you’re super busy parenting, working or simply living life.

As I’ve searched the internet, looked online at the latest toys, books and gift ideas, I found a few real gems which I thought I’d share. They are the following:

  • Guinness World Records 2021 edition
  • Studio Creator Ring Light Set
  • Spirograph Delux Set
  • Heidi The Hippo Footstool
  • Sharpie Pen Box Set

Guinness World Records 2021 Edition

If you have a family member who loves facts then the guinness world records 2021 edition is one awesome book to gift. In fact my cousin in a huge fan of information. He collects flags from around the world and loves to learn new and interesting things.

This new and exciting book is one gift that is sure to peak your interest and has a host of remarkable and interesting achievements.

guiness world records

Studio Creator Ring Light for Teens

My daughter loves cosplay and making videos she recently asked for a ring light to help provide better lighting for her video and tiktok clips. We went online and researched the best options and came up with this fantastic Studio Creator Kit.

This Studio Creator Video Making Kit has a green screen, a Tripod, a Cellphone holder, LED ring light with three light modes along with a 24 page guide book. It’s great value for money and a fantastic product for making new insta reels and tik tok videos.

Spirograph Delux Set

As a child, I always loved the Spirograph. So when the Spirograph Deluxe Set was released recently, it immediately caught my eye. It’s an engaging activity for girls and boys alike, and a creative way to introduce them to the world of art and design.

With over 45 pieces, including nineteen Spirograph Precision Wheels and Spiro-Putty to hold the cogs in place, older kids can spend countless hours drawing and creating new designs. In short, this is a fantastic Christmas gift idea and boredom-buster that inspires creativity and imagination in children.

Heidi the Hippo Footstool

I have a small collection of footstools from Red Candy which I love and whenever we have guests my footstools are quite popular. Therefore I am gifting one of these to a friend this year because I know she will absolutely love this quirky and cute footstool.

Box of Sharpie Pens

My favourite gift – which I ask for every year is a new set of felt tip pens. I love felt tips, especially for brain storming and planning and each year I love to receive a new box of Sharpie Pens.

I’ve bought my own box on sale and managed to get two for the price of one so I can gift one box to my daughter as well. She is going to love this!

What will you be gifting for Christmas?

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