Having Fun in the Kitchen With Kids

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Having Fun In the Kitchen with Kids I've always loved cooking and baking.

Having Fun In the Kitchen with Kids

I’ve always loved cooking and baking. I especially loved baking with the children at Nursery when I was a school teacher and I’ve always loved cooking with my daughter Sylvia.

Unfortunately, due to my health conditions, I have not been able to cook or bake as much as I would have liked to during the past three years.


Despite the difficulties, I do reserve energy to create fun and tasty food with my daughter when I can.

Sometimes I cook with her, other times I sit and instruct and on occasion I even get John involved and if I’m too unwell I watch and am still present and we adapt to the situation.

Today I wanted to take a trip down memory lane of some of the fun kitchen moments I have had with my daughter Sylvia.

I hope you enjoy the Journey.

The photos were taken on a simple camera and are not the quality of pictures today.

baking with kids

We enjoyed making buns, cookies, aftghans and cakes. These photos are of Sylvia when she was around two and a half.


We made Aftghans a New Zealand cookie recipe which is made with cornflakes.

I’ve always loved baking with my daughter and we have plenty of baking equipment, from kitchen scales to baking trays and bowls. We have so many bowls it’s crazy! 


In this photo we bought easy to cook bun packets and created tasty little buns which always went down well.


Our buns when Sylvia was young were far from perfect but it’s the process which is important and the fun you have rather than the end product.

I’ve always been a fan of tasting the food as you go.

Baking with kids is also a fantastic way to teach basic maths, measuring and counting skills. It’s educational fun! 


As Sylvia grew we continued to bake and moved onto cooking more complicated recipes, treats and meals.


Since I got an Iphone and John got his camera, I’ve been able to take better quality photos and when I’ve been well enough I’ve continued to cook and bake with Sylvia.

cook with mum

Cooking and baking together is really fun, it is something I treasure and hope to do a lot more as my health improves and as I pace and make time to bake with Sylvia.

I may have to adapt and at times simply instruct but it’s something we plan to continue doing as mother and daughter.

cook with mum

I’m hoping to share one Fun in the Kitchen post per fortnight and look forward to sharing tips and ideas here on the blog, I hope you stay for the journey.

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  1. All your pictures are so adorable!!!!! So cute! It looks like you two have such a close bond and the kitchen is the time when you can both get creative and have fun. x

  2. Hop lovely are all of your pictures? I used to love baking with my kids. As they have got older my son has lost all interest but like most 14 yos it takes something special to pull him away from the playstation or laptop

  3. Our kitchen is tiny so I think I’m going to struggle cooking or baking much with Erin once she’s old enough! There’s barely enough room for 2 of us in there now. It would get very messy very quickly.

    1. Oh we have a tiny kitchen at the minute. We often sit at the table and do the preparation there and then go into the kitchen as it’s a box.

  4. Your pictures are just lovely, looks like you had a fun time. I really wish I had a big kitchen to be able to bake a lot more than we do, it gets so messy very quickly. It’s lovely that you treasure this time together and can have fun being creative.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  5. We love baking, although Archie’s only interested in grabbing the spoon & running off. Once he gets older I’m sure we’ll continue to bake more & more

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