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Grape recipes can be really super tasty. In fact, my sister makes the most amazing grape salad recipe and I can’t wait to meet her again after 10 years to try her tasty dish! 

Today I am sharing these fantastic ideas for using grapes in your meals. If you’re looking for a chicken salad with grapes recipe or a delicious dessert using grapes, there is something here for you to try! 


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Tasty and Easy Grape Recipes To try

These grape recipes are not only delicious they are perfect for the upcoming season. Grapes are the best! We love to use red grapes in our salads rather than the traditional green grape. Which is your favourite kind of grape?

Roasted Grape, Blue Cheese, & Honey Crostini from

Copycat Starbucks PB&J Bistro Box from

Grape Clafoutis from

Grape, Almond And Mint Freekeh Salad With Lemon Cumin Dressing {Vegan} from

Three Cheese Roasted Grape Pizza from

Apple, Grape, and Candied Pecan Salad with Maple-Mustard Dressing from

Goat Cheese Grape Balls from

Skillet Chicken With Grapes And Caramelized Onions from

chicken with grapes

More Easy Grape Salad Recipes 

Awesome Chicken Salad (with Grapes And Walnuts) from

Easy Grape Salad from

Roasted Grape + Honey Goat Cheese Crostini from

Sugared Prosecco Grapes from

Light And Fluffy 3-Ingredient Grape Salad from

Easy Grape Salad Recipe from

Arugula Salad With Grapes And Black Pepper Vinaigrette from

Grilled Grape Brie And Arugula Flatbread Pizza from

Grilled Grape Brie and Arugula Flatbread Pizza recipe at

Grape Dessert Recipes You Will Love

If your looking for grape dessert recipes then why not try a grape sorbet or these tasty grape cheesecake bars! Trust me, they taste so good! 

Grape Sorbet (5 Minutes, 3 Ingredients) from

Fresh Red Grape Cake {Gluten-Free, Vegan} from

Grape & Pink Champagne Sorbet from

Concord Grape Cheesecake Bars from

grape cheesecake

I sure hope you love this selection of grape recipes. I think these are fantastic Summer recipes. For more lovely salads check out our Weight Watchers Macaroni Salad recipe, or why not try this delicious and tasty Summer Broccoli Salad.


grape recipes