Fun Burger Hack Idea for Kids

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Today we are sharing our fantastic Rustlers Frog Burger Hack which was created by myself and my daughter Sylvia.

Fun Burger Hack Idea For Kids

This is a fun and delicious meal hack that the kids will love and is the perfect way to add veggies and salad to a tasty burger treat.

We purchased a Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger twin pack from Tescos and they took just 90 seconds to microwave in the oven. Each burger is 140g and they are a budget friendly alternative to eating out and a fantastic way to add veg and fruit to a burger meal.

We are huge fans of pineapple burgers and so we added a pineapple slice to eat burger, we then cut the top of a tomato to create our Frogs tongue.

We planned our design before we visited the supermarket and Sylvia was able to go to the deli section to choose four eye for her frogs. She went with green Olives which was great for our frog burgers.

Sylvia added salad pieces and lettuce on top of the Southern Fried Burger pate and then added the Olives to the burger using toothpicks.

Sylvia then added a slice of tomato onto to the burgers to create a tongue. My daughter is not a fan of mayo or sauce so she chose to not add the sauce packet to her burger but that is an option if your kids are fans of mayo like me.

Rustlers burgers can fit in with families busy weekend schedules, while making meal time fun and easy. This was a relatively quick meal to make due to the convenient and fast time to cook the burgers. We enjoyed getting creative and my daughter ate both burgers which she loved. I think it is fantastic to be able to add vegetables and in our case fruit options to a burger to create a balanced and delicious meal. It is in my opinion a lot better and more fun than takeaway burgers.

This post in an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a fun idea! I never have the inspiration to make our meals fun and interesting like this.

    1. Oj burgers are so tasty. I have to eat them in moderation as i’m living healthy but they are great with as part of a balanced meal.

  2. My toddler is such a picky eater but she loves fruit! This is really creative 🙂 I think we will have to give this one a try.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! I really like your Rustlers Frog Burger Hack. That is so creative.You want have any problems getting a kid to eat this.

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