Fantastic Dr Seuss Food Ideas for Kids

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One day I look forward to each year is Dr Seuss Day. I really enjoyed reading Dr Seuss books as a child and I enjoy reading them to my daughter. In fact, I remember going to the public library with my Mother and reading Dr Seuss stories with her.

I would have been around 3 or 4 at the time and I love to think back on those library visits and always remember having orange juice and a treat after reading stories. So when I think of Dr Seuss I often think of my mother and about having treats.

Today I Am Sharing Some Tasty and Fun to Make Dr Seuss Treats. I Do Hope You Enjoy Them.

Cat In The Hat Treats – The Inspiration Edit

This is a fun and easy to make Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat themed Hat treat. It’s fun and easy to make a treat and perfect for making with the little ones.

Cat In The Hat

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Cat In The Hat Fruit And Marshmallow Snack – Home Room Mom

Packed with the goodness of strawberries and bananas and the chewy softness of marshmallows, this easy Grinch snack is a must try for Dr Seuss’s Day! 

Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Oreo Cookies – The Inspiration Edit

A fantastic and delicious treat that you can whip up for your little one with just some Oreos and a handful of other ingredients, this one will surely win hearts!

cat in the hat oreos

The Grinch Cat In The Hat Rice CrispyTreat – Amy’s Party Ideas

Rice crispy treats are so much fun to make and eat, and this time, you can make them Cat in the Hat Grinch style! This one’s a must try for Dr Seuss Day! 

Dr Seuss One Fish Two Fish Cupcakes – A Sparkle Of Genius

dr seuss

Cupcakes are an absolute crowd pleaser, and if you’re looking for an easy yet cool treat to whip up on Dr Seuss Day, these One Fish Two Fish cupcakes are just right!

The Lorax Cake Pops – Bakerella

On the hunt for a fun and delicious Dr Seuss inspired treat? These Lorax cake pops tick all the boxes, and are incredibly easy to make too! 

Dr Seuss One Fish Two Fish Popcorn – Mom Endeavours

Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks out there, and when you put this little extra effort to make it Dr Seuss Day ready, you’ve got a kickass fun munchie ready!


Dr Seuss Oh The Places You’ll Go Cupcakes – The Inspiration Edit

Looking to celebrate Dr Seuss Day on a fun note, but still don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen? These Oh The Places You’ll Go cupcakes are perfect and incredibly easy too!

Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Cookies – My Paper Crane

Cookies are an absolute hit among kids, and when you make them themed around Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, there’s no going back!

Green Eggs and Ham Eggs – The Inspiration Edit

Green Eggs and Ham is a fun and imaginative Dr Seuss story, but don’t let that stop you from being creative! Here’s how you can recreate it yourself in the kitchen too!

Your little one’s will just love sampling these tasty Dr Seuss inspired treats! All of these recipes are really simple, so you can get your kiddies involved in the cooking too. Cooking together with your children is a lovely bonding activity, plus it’s a great way to teach them independence and new skills. 

Remember to give your kids a talk about how to safely handle your Home and Kitchen appliances. Whether you’re using the oven, the microwave, or handling sharp utensils, it’s important that your kids stay safe while cooking.

green eggs and ham recipe

I hope you like this selection of Dr SEUSS FOOD IDEAS. I sure do.

Dr Seuss Books

The Cat in the HatThe Cat in the HatFox in Socks (Beginner Books)Fox in Socks (Beginner Books)The Sneetches and Other StoriesThe Sneetches and Other StoriesThe Lorax (Classic Seuss)The Lorax (Classic Seuss)I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! (Beginner Books)I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! (Beginner Books)Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (Bright & Early Board Books)Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (Bright & Early Board Books)

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dr seuss food ideas

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  1. Really amazing and delicious my kids will definitely love this. Thanks publsiher for this great post

  2. These are very good ideas… I have 4 year old kid and she doesn’t like to eat anything except chocolates and sweet items.

  3. Your collection of Dr. Seuss food ideas for kids is an absolute delight. The whimsical creations and clever recipes not only encourage healthy eating but also bring the magic of Dr. Seuss’s world to life on the dining table, making mealtime an imaginative and enjoyable experience for children.

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