Does Weight Watchers Work? The Truth Revealed

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Does Weight Watchers work? That’s one question I’ve been asked many times. Weight Watchers is a well-known and respected diet plan that has been around for decades. It does not require any special food or equipment, and it’s a diet program with quality research showing how effective it is. But does Weight Watchers really work?

Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

As soon as you start doing your research on how to find the answer to this question, “Does weight watchers work?” it becomes clear that there is so much conflicting information. You have one person swearing by how amazing Weight Watchers has worked for them and how they have lost tons of weight while still enjoying their favorite foods. You then have other people who are just as adamant how Weight Watchers doesn’t work at all and that no matter how hard you try, it won’t help you lose any weight.

What’s the Truth?

The answer to this question is really what makes your decision on how to go about this. If you believe that Weight Watchers does work and it can help you lose weight, then follow the program and enjoy all of its benefits! On the other hand if your research has led you to a different answer than what we just described, then maybe Weight Watchers isn’t for you and it’s time to look at how to lose weight another way.

To help you decide the answer to the question, “Does Weight Watchers work?” I am now going to dive into the different plans and discuss how following the Weight Watchers plan can help people to lose weight with regular effort and consistency.

How Does Weight Watchers Work?

Weight Watchers is a very simple weight loss plan that doesn’t require you to follow any kind of crazy meal plans or go hungry. When you attend one of their meetings, they will actually teach how proper portion sizes should be and how many carbs, calories and fat grams are in certain foods. If people want to lose weight with Weight Watchers, they are required to go to their meetings every week. Alternatively you can sign up online and follow the plan online.

3 Plans: Blue, Green and Purple

Depending how much weight you want to lose, there are different plans within the Weight Watchers plan.

Weight Watchers Blue Plan

The blue plan is for those who want to lose about 40 pounds or less and includes weekly meetings as well as a certain number of “Smart Points” each day that you can eat at your own discretion. On this plan, participants are given a daily limit of how many Smart Points they can accumulate and therefore you plan out your meals based on the number of points each food item is worth.

Weight Watchers Green Plan

The green plan is for those who want to lose about 50 pounds or less and includes weekly meetings as well as how many points you are allowed each day. The green plan has a large variety of foods that are zero points including most fruits and lots of vegetables but does not include foods such as fat free yogurt, chicken breast or fish. These have to be counted separately.

Weight Watchers Purple Plan

The purple plan is a super customised plan on Weight Watchers and includes plenty of zero point fruits and vegetables as well as foods such as corn, potato, skinless chicken breast, eggs and wholemeal pasta.

Check Out These Weight Watchers Recipes

If you’re looking for recipes which are Weight Watchers friendly then check out the following:

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The Best Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes

What Weight Watchers Plan Is Best for Me?

Each plan has it’s benefits and when you sign up to Weight Watchers you can complete a small survey to help you work out which weight watchers plan is best for you.

If you like to count every food item you eat then maybe the blue plan would be best. Those who want flexibility to eat plenty of fruit and veg make go down the green plan route and for those who want a super customised plan that’s very flexible, the purple weight watchers plan is going to be best.

The best thing about Weight Watchers right now is that you can follow the plan from anywhere. Even if there is no meeting close buy or your stuck at home housebound and unable to leave your property, you have the option of following the plan online and have access to a super clever phone app that helps you do so much including working out your daily points and much more.

So Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

The answer is Yes – most of the time. If you follow the plan and stick to it then the science shows that you will and can lose weight. However you need to be honest and diligent in counting your points and expect when you fall off track or cheat it wont work.

But What About the People Who Don’t Lose Weight With Weight Watchers?

Weight watchers is a very popular way how many people have lost weight and kept it off long term but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone. There are several reasons how people may not lose weight how they want to with Weight Watchers and these include:

  • Not going to meetings or following the program online.
  • Following the plan for a day here and there but generally being lazy.
  • Only losing water weight at first which means nothing has changed in terms of how you look or feel about yourself.
  • Expecting instant results from zero effort.
  • Not being honest when recording your daily points.
  • Some people may have health issues and take medications that make losing weight extremely difficult even when following the plan.

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Should I Try Weight Watchers?

Yes I would recommend trying the plan!

It’s a personal choice and Weight Watchers doesn’t work for everyone. But the plan has been proven to help people lose weight in numerous studies so it can be worth giving it a go especially if you find other weight loss plans too restrictive, boring or just dont seem to fit into your lifestyle.

However when trying weight watchers remember to be honest with yourself and if you cheat don’t expect Weight Watchers to make up for your mistakes.

The post can also include a link to the weight watchers website where readers can find more information on how it works and what kind of people have success with weight loss using this program: Visit Weight here!

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