Danganronpa Characters and Cosplay Costumes

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Today I’m sharing some fantastic Danganronpa characters cosplay costumes which we happened to purchase for my daughter for Christmas. Sylvia enjoys cosplay and she really likes Danganronpa cosplay. Right now cosplay seems to be a really popular thing for tweens and teens and with plenty of kids stuck home with lockdown it’s one thing your teenager can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

So I thought it would be fun to share some of my daughter’s favourite dress up Danganronpa costumes and Danganronpa wigs for teens which are super popular in our home.

The Best Danganronpa Cosplay Costumes

According to my daughter Sylvia the best Danganronpa cosplay costumes or her favourite characters happen to be:

Danganronpa Monokuma Cosplay

The Monokuma character is pretty fun and my daughter loves the black and white Monokuma wig. This wig is curly and looks really great with a black and white costume.

Danganronpa Junko Cosplay Wig and Costume

The Danganronpa Junko wig is really cool and it comes with a mini plush Monokuma hair clips. The wig is pretty cool as it comes in three parts and can be brushed, crimped and straightened.

Danganronpa Chiaki Costume With Monomi Soft Toy

Chiaki is a fun cosplay character and Danganronpa cos play costume that my daughter loves. The Chiaki costume comes with a shirt and Jacket and has a strawberry blonde wig.

Danganronpa Sonia Nevermind Wig and Makeup

Sonia Nevermind is one of my daughter’s favourite Danganronpa characters. The Sonia Nevermind wig is different lengths on each side and comes with a side part and plait.

The Sonia Nevermind Cosplay costume comes with stockings and a bright red bow and it can double as a fun Halloween costume for teens.

Danganronpa Hiyoko Sayonji Kimono and Wig

The Japanese Kimono cosplay costume for Hiyoko Sayonji is really fun to wear. This cosplay outfit for teens comes with a large kimono and large green polka dot bows as well as a matching green belt.

The Hiyoko Sayonji wig is great and comes as a blonde pony tail wig.

Danganronpa Kaede Wig and Makeup

The Danganronpa Kaede wig is pretty cool and you can add clips to it to make the hair loops on Kaede’s head. You can get the Kaede costume and wig on Amazon.

Dressing Up as Danganronpa Characters

Dressing up as Danaganronpa characters, doing makeup, styling wigs and having fun with cosplay can be a great activity for young teens to enjoy. I would always recommend parental supervision when your child engages on social media, for example using tik tok or Instagram. Keeping a close eye on your child’s internet use, engagement and social media interaction.

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  1. These are some neat costumes. I don’t know who these characters are, but they look fun. My daughter loves to dress up.

  2. wow! How fun are these costumes. I love playing with costumes with my kids not only on Halloween!

  3. These costumes certainly are different. Sylvia did a great job with the make up too and a wig to top it all off.

  4. These costumes are amazing. I’ve never done cosplay, but I always thought it was really neat. Great job on all these outfits.

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