Cosplay and Dress up Wigs for Teens

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Over the past year my daughter has developed a new interest. She has discovered cosplay and really does love it. I’m surprised as it’s not something I was ever into. I’ve never really dressed up in costumes, however when I think about it, it kind of makes sense as Sylvia has enjoyed costumes her whole life. Whether it’s world book day costumes or Halloween costumes, my daughter enjoys dressing up.

Cosplay and Dress up Wigs for Teens

Whilst my daughter is a tween and not officially a teen until next year, she acts like a teen and loves to dress up in different cosplay costumes. At the moment it’s a variety of anime characters with makeup and wigs. Above she is wearing the JoneTing Wig which goes well with the purple pink Angel Face Tutu.

Whilst it’s a strange thing to me, I’m not going to stop my daughter having fun and expressing herself in new and different ways. Sylvia is learning to use makeup and loves to draw huge fake eyelashes onto her face.

Teen Girl Cosplay Ideas

There are so many different cosplay ideas pout there for teens. As a mother I am aware that some anime costumes are not very modest so I’m encouraging Sylvia to choose costumes which are!

Best Wig Cap for Cos Play

There are lots of different dress up wigs available online. You can buy them on amazon, from a wig specialist or a fancy dress company. Sylvia has a number of wigs along with wig caps which help hold her different wigs in place.

The best wig caps we have found are the Leobro brand on Amazon. You can buy a ten pack of wig caps for the budget price of $5.99.

Why Do You Use a Wig Cap?

A wig cap can be really useful whether you have a lot of hair or none at all. A wig cp can help stop a wig from sliding around as it adds the friction needed to keep the wig in place. For my daughter who has a lot of hair, it helps keep the hair well hidden.

If someone is wearing a wig due to hair loss or having a sensitive scalp then the wig cap helps to reduce itchiness leading to less irritation for the scalp.

Girls Costume Wigs

So I’ll be looking for different color wigs for Sylvia in the coming weeks. She wants a red and a blue wig as well as the Junko Enoshima pink ponytail wig. That’s one wig on Sylvia’s wish list.

Dress up Wigs for Christmas

So of course Sylvia wants some dress up wigs for Christmas. That is the number one thing on her wish list. I’ll be browsing online and looking for some good looking quality wigs for women and will choose one or two for her Christmas stocking. What does your child or teen want for Christmas?

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