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A Mid Year Bucket List

Today I am creating a mid year bucket list for 2017. I always like to make new goals at the start of the year but today is the 1st of June and I thought it would be great to make a list of goals and things I’d like to get done or achieve during the remaining 6 months of 2017.

It’s a list style post and I hope you find it interesting. What would be on your mid year bucket list?

Angela x

bucket list

Bucket List


  • See my Endocrinologist in London for review
  • Have an Iron Infusion at Wigan Hospital
  • Get my Zinc and Folate levels in the healthy range
  • Maintain my weight – Don’t go above 17 Stone





  • Get some new Pyjamas
  • Save up for some new Hotter shoes
  • Get my hair done nice before November.



  • Get a working Fridge/Freezer
  • Save for a Cooker that works
  • Sort out and declutter the spare room
  • Sort out and sell Sylvia’s clothes that are “too small”



  • Review school uniforms this school year
  • Grow my Instagram following to 10,000 by the end of the year.
  • Cut back on the brands I work with (quality over quantity)
  • Build my Pinterest Christmas Boards

So these are my bucket list/ goals for the mid year until December and I know I can achieve these if I work really hard.

Angela x