For Adventure Lovers: 7 Activities to Try in Pigeon Forge

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Are you planning for your next vacation? If so, we all know what that means: listing down things for your vacation itinerary! There are very few things that can compare with the excitement and elation you feel when planning a vacation. And if you’re someone who loves a bit of adventure, we’ve got just the spot for you.

7 Activities to Try In Pigeon Forge

One of the most popular tourist cities in Tennessee, Pigeon Forge is truly an adventure lover’s paradise. Surrounded by the beautiful peaks of the Smokies and shrouded in the rich mountain air, Pigeon Forge is a place like no other. From incredible hiking trails to state-of-the-art theme parks and shopping malls, this picturesque town offers it all. 

If you are an adventure lover and still undecided on what activities to put in your Pigeon Forge itinerary, here are some ideas for what you can do

Gem Mining

We all seek the perfect souvenir to bring back home from vacation. Well, what if that souvenir were a gem or two?

One of the most enjoyable activities in Pigeon Forge, gem mining offers you the perfect opportunity to forage for treasures just like the prospectors did in the past. For all those vacationing in Smokies, there are several attractions where you can spend the day hunting for precious gemstones. However, if you are staying at Pigeon Forge, mark the Pigeon Forge gem mine in your itinerary for one of the best experiences.

Located on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine is ideal for tourists looking to pocket some treasure by mining in the flume area. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and topaz: you could find any of these gems if luck is on your side. Furthermore, if you have an affinity for jewelry, you could also have your finds polished and turned into beautiful and fashionable ornaments.

Zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park

If you want to try something new and different, add zorbing to your list of activities to try in Pigeon Forge. The town is home to Outdoor Gravity Park, the only Zorbing Park in the USA. 

Sure, once you are in the gigantic ball, you will be sliding and falling until the very end, but if you have been on your feet for more than a minute while zorbing, then perhaps you have done it wrong. A bumpy, bouncy is the whole point of a joyous zorbing experience. Don’t worry, though. The protective layers and safety precautions will ensure you don’t get hurt as you stumble through hurdles down the track.

Adventure at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you go to Pigeon Forge but don’t visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you’ll miss out on half the fun. Spending a day at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will allow you to partake in various joyful adventures, such as hiking, biking, and camping in cabins.

Hiking in the Smokies is a must for all adventure lovers who visit Pigeon Forge. As you hike through the trails, you will get to explore the beauty of Mother Nature first-hand. Once you are exhausted from your hike, you could spend the night camping under the stars, picnic as your eyes feast on some breathtaking views, or go horseback riding!

Try White Water Rafting

Pigeon Forge rivers offer a white water rafting experience like no other, and the best part is you don’t need any prior rafting experience to have fun. Rafting newbies, rookies, and pros can all have the time of their life.

If you love watersports, pack your swimsuits and spend a day splashing in the rapids. The beauty of the Pigeon Forge rivers will make the experience even better and more memorable.

Zip Line Through the Smoky Mountains

A day at the Smoky Mountain Ziplines will give you enough thrills to last a lifetime—this is the ultimate place for all adventure lovers craving that adrenaline rush. Located a couple of miles from the Pigeon Forge Parkway, the base camp for the Smoky Mountain Ziplines is where you gear up and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

Once the team ushers you down your first zip line, you will find yourself traversing the cable running among and above the trees. Not only will you witness the beauty of the Smokies 150 feet above the ground, but the 25 mph speed at which you go zipping down the 4200 feet cable will also keep your heart racing till the end.

Go Riding in the Five Oaks Riding Stables

Albeit a bit more relaxed than the other activities on the list, horseback riding makes for an incredible adventure on its own. With about 60 well-bred horses and 70 acres of beautiful woodland, the Five Oaks Riding Stables offers one of the best scenic trails for horseback riding.

Visit the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

The 200-foot tall Ferris Wheel behind the Lumberjack Feud Theater is visible from miles away. The observation wheel features climate-controlled and fully-enclosed gondola cabins, offering the best and most comfortable view of the entire surrounding place. If you love heights and beautiful views, take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel for a memorable experience.


There is no shortage of things to do in Pigeon Forge if you love adventure. However, to make your trip as memorable as possible, you should plan beforehand. Once you have shortlisted the activities you can fit into your trip, finalize your vacation itinerary. 

However, remember not to occupy yourself too much with the planning that you forget why you are doing it: to have fun. Hence, remember to have fun on your vacation and make it as memorable for yourself as possible.

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