Choosing a New Sofa? Go For Timeless Elegance

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Are you redecorating your entire living room, or just looking for a change? Read on to find out how to choose a perfect sofa that won’t date, and is sure to keep you happy for years to come.

A sofa is usually a huge investment. Just because you can get sofas in virtually any shade or pattern – it doesn’t necessarily mean you should! Bold prints or colours will get old sooner or later, and mean you have to arrange your entire living room around them. So, even if you’ve fallen in love with some trendy floral patterns or ‘en vogue’ bright colours, it’s perhaps wiser to go for simple shapes and neutral tones.

Timeless Doesn’t Mean Boring

Just because a living room is furnished in a timeless fashion doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not distinctive and trendy. If you are a trend junkie, try to find a happy medium by choosing a more classic sofa design, but adding some individuality in the soft furnishings instead! It’s easy to change a bright pillow, or a new rug. A neutral sofa with bright cushions, or perhaps a blanket in a bold print, will look wonderful.

The Sofa as a Stand-Alone Piece

The main features of a sofa that can withstand the test of time (as well as the tides of fashion) are quality and minimalist design. The chicest of interiors usually feature sofas with simple shapes and muted colours that can adapt to any space. What’s more, it’s really worth taking some time to work out which piece you will invest in – the better the quality, the longer it will last. Always do your research before taking the plunge!

Sofas That Never Go Out of Style

Leather sofas in classic shapes like the Chesterfield, or mid-century designs, are definitely timeless classics. Eco-leather is becoming an increasingly popular option, and worth thinking about. It’s breathable, suitable for allergy sufferers and vegan friendly. If you prefer fabric, reach for one made of microfibre or linen. They are beautiful to look at, high quality, and very easy to maintain.

So – whether you’re looking for a new sofa or just a few trendy pieces for your living room, you’ll find everything in one place at FAVI. We have a great variety of products in a huge range of sizes, shapes, styles and colours. What’s more, our handy filtering system means you can always find something exactly right for your space!

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