Alphabet Dog Wash Free Phonics Printable

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Alphabet Dog Wash Free Phonics Printable

Today, I’m sharing with you this free Alphabet Dog Wash game for kids. The dog is dirty and needs grooming. Match the correct sponge to the correct dog in his bath and give the dog a wash. 

dog wash phonics printable

How many can you match correctly? Use this game to learn the names and sounds of the alphabet. Alternatively use the game to teach basic literacy and extend a child’s interest in pets or dogs in a way to help with learning and development.

Download your free printable today! – Also included a free version of Number Dog wash.

dog wash phonics printable

This is a free downloadable printable and you can cut out the cards and laminate to make them last longer.

I hope you enjoy this Alphabet game and find it super useful.

To Download Your Free Alphabet Dog Wash Printable Just Click Here.

Angela x


dog wash phonics printable

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  1. That’s a fun and creative game for children to play! My son would have loved something like this when he was younger. He loves animals too so it would have been awesome!

  2. I love this game, but on the number section: 1, 3 are over lapping and number 2 is a double image. Is there anyway to get a fixed version? Thanks for making this for people like me.

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