Best Places to Visit in Australia With Kids

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Best Places To Visit In Australia With Kids – Collaborative post

Visiting Australia can be super fun for both adults and children. When I lived in New Zealand, I had the opportunity to fly over and visit a number of locations in Australia from Sydney and Melbourne to the Gold Coast. If you’ve got an Australia tourist visa, and are ready to pack your suitcase for the trip of a lifetime then you might want some ideas on the best places to visit in Australia with kids. 

Today I’ll be sharing some of the top places you can visit in Australia with the children. Travelling overseas with children can be super fun and if you plan where you’re going to go beforehand, it can make the adventure less stressful and much more relaxing. 

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Australia?

Before we jump into the amazing locations and fun places to visit in Australia, I’ll mention the importance of getting the correct Australia visa for your adventure. The last thing you want is to pay for your flights and Australian accommodation only to be turned away at the airport. 

Whether you’re travelling from the UK or the USA or another location, you’ll need to get an eVisitor visa or and ETA, Electronic Travel Authority visa and then you can plan your Australian holiday with confidence.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Australia?

Australia is such a huge country and with that comes a wide range of climates and temperatures. Australia is generally warm all year round, although the more southern states of Australia have cooler winters. 

If you’re a fan of the heat, you’ll want to visit Australia in the Summer between December and February. Winter in Australia is June to August, September to November is spring and March to May is Autumn.

If travelling with kids from the UK or USA, then you’ll probably need to take into account when your school holidays are. You can have plenty of fun and still enjoy the warm Australian weather during the Australian winter. There will be plenty to do outdoors, no matter when you visit.

Is Australia a Fun Place to Visit?

Well the answer is yes. Whether your an adult or a child visiting Australia can be incredibly fun and there are so many fun locations to visit in every state. I’ll now share a list of the top places to visit in Australia with kids.

Fun Places to Visit in Melbourne With Kids

 Visit Saint Kilda’s Little Penguins

You can take your kids to Saint Kilda’s Phillip Island in Melbourne Australia. Visiting the Penguins of St Kilda can be a super fun experience. Who doesn’t like to visit Penguins? 

The Penguins of St Kilda are free to watch, although you’re more than welcome to make a donation to help those working to protect this precious colony. Either way, visiting Penguins in Australia will be a super fun outing with the kids. 

The City Circle Tram Tour

Trams are a huge part of Melbourne’s history and the public transport system. While visiting Melbourne why not take the kids on the City Circle Tram Tour. This is another free activity to do with the kids in Australia and a great way to see many of the sights. 

The City Circle Tram Tour is a hop-on hop-off service and visits grand historic buildings such as the Old Treasury Building, Princess Theatre, Windsor Hotel and Parliament House. The tram runs every 12 minutes and only takes 50 minutes to complete the full loop. 

You could take the kids on the Tram and hop off at a local cafe to have a bite to eat before continuing on your Australian adventures.

Visit the Melbourne Zoo

If you’re taking the kids to Australia then you will not want to miss visiting the local animals native to Australia. You can visit Kangaroos, Joeys and Koala bears at the Melbourne zoo along with many other animals. 

You might want to visit the Melbourne Zoo on the weekend as it’s free for kids every Saturday and Sunday. 

Fun Places to Visit in Sydney With Kids

Sydney Harbour

If you’re visiting Sydney with the kids then you’ll want to visit the famous Sydney Harbour. Even better, take a cruise from Circular Quay around the harbour and see the sights from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the amazing Sydney Opera House. 

You can purchase hop-on hop-off tickets and visit the Taronga Zoo, The Chinese gardens or the famous Sydney Markets. 

Luna Park Sydney

For a fun and wild day out, you could take the kids to Luna Park in Sydney. Luna Park has a range of fun classic rides for the kids to enjoy including slides, the tumble bug  and a giant Ferris Wheel. 

The kids are guaranteed to have a fun time in Sydney as they test out the rides and enjoy the food and fun at Luna Park. 

Luna Park is on the northern side of the harbour at Milsons point. You can jump on a train or ferry from Circular Quay or simply walk across the famous Harbour Bridge! 

Visit Cockatoo Island

One amazing place to visit with the kids in Australia is Cockatoo Island. This is Sydney Harbour’s largest island and is often visited by the Cockatoo Bird, hence the name. 

Once a prison and convict site, Cockatoo Island is now a World Heritage site as recognised by UNESCO and you can enjoy a 45 minute Convict history tour to learn about the local history, all about the convicts of the past and you can even sleep over at the Island. How fun! 

Fun Places to Visit in Brisbane With Kids

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary 

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is a fantastic place to visit with the kids. In fact if you want to experience the Koala bear close up then you might want to take the children to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the largest Koala sanctuary in the world. 

Even better…. If you’re kids are keen to get up close and personal with the australian Koala bear then there are opportunities for cuddles with a Koala whilst they have a special photo. Kids can also have pictures with snakes and bird of prey such as the owl or eagle.

Not to mention the other 90 species native to Australia that live in the park, from the emu to wallabies, to dingoes and the platypus. This is one location you don’t want to miss when visiting Australia with the kids.

The Qagoma – Children’s Art Centre Queensland

If you’re kids are budding artists then they will love to visit the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art at the South Bank. Here kids can not only view masterpieces and exhibits, they can visit the activity center and create their own art.

Warner Brothers Movie World

One amazing place the kids will love in Australia is Warner Brothers World. Filled with attractions, rides, shows and entertainment, the kids will love their visit to the Warner Brother Studios in Queensland. 

If you have plenty of time in Brisbane, you could even buy a multi day pass and visit the famous Wet n Wild or the famous Sea World. So what are you waiting for? Apply for you’re Australian Visa today, book your flights and plan the adventure of a lifetime with the kids. 

Yarra Valley

If you want to visit Yarra Valley then there are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy from the Healesville Sanctuary to a scenic gondola ride. Why not even check out the kid friendly wineries Yarra Valley has to offer. Wineries have activities that the kids can enjoy while you sample some of the region’s finest wines.

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