Female Pirate Craft and Printable Activity

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Skull and bones and everything gold- introducing your little one to pirates can be a lot of fun, and if that’s what you’re considering, here’s some solid help your way. I’ve got you a free printable for a female pirate craft activity that you can get your little one to try.

This one’s similar to the other Halloween themed craft ideas I’ve put up earlier, so if your little one tried any of them and loved them, this one will be a sure hit too. And if you didn’t find them and landed on this one first, well, you’re in store for a little surprise.

Scroll down towards the end after you’re done with this super fun Halloween themed craft activity and you’ll find quick links to some other awesome similar craft activities, along with their downloadable templates.

So what are you waiting for?

girl pirate craft for kids

Are you looking for some fun pirate crafts or activities? If so look no further! This super easy female pirate kids activity is not only fun and simple to create, but it is also perfect as a classroom activity or for your child’s pirate party.

And it looks like you’ll be needing just a handful of supplies to get started with it!

Supplies Needed for This Kids Pirate Activity


pirate craft essentials

How to Make This Pirate Craft

Begin by downloading your female pirate craft template.

pirate craft

Print out the templates and cut out the pieces from the paper. Alternatively, you can use the printed paper as a template to trace onto construction paper.

Glue the pieces together to create your pirate craft. Assembling the female pirate is a fun activity and one the little ones will enjoy as well as older kids.

finished craft

Download Your Female Pirate Craft Template Here!

Have fun with this super cool pirate craft and activity. I’m sure the kids will love it. And if you’re looking for more, here’s exactly what I promised.

Check Out the Following Halloween Craft Ideas and Download the Free Templates!

Halloween Activity for School Kids

Once the craft is completed you can give the kids a writing prompt and get them writing about pirates and pirate ships and the day a giant Octopus attacked their pirate ship. What did they do? Why did this happen? Where was the pirate? Who saved the day?

Another cool idea is to get your hands on some pirate themed books for him to help expand his knowledge on the subject. And since this craft focuses on a female pirate, you could also look up some age appropriate information about female pirates for your little one, and teach him about them.

And as promised, here’s the link to the actual printable. Time to get started momma!

Why not try making a paper bag puppet. There is a fantastic Captain Hook craft over on The Inspiration Edit. Check it out!

captain hook paper craft puppet

To help you make the most of it, here are a few links to some other cool Halloween and pirate themed craft ideas for your little one!

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