My Inspirational Health Goals for 2017

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My Inspirational Health Goals for 2017

Last year I created some major health goals to accomplish and although I was not sure if I’d achieve them or not I managed to do amazingly well and I’m so proud of the hard work and effort I put in to reach my goals.

health goals


My main goals in 2016 were to Lose significant weight, Find an Endocrinologist to start me on the Adrenal Pump, Fundraise and save for the adrenal pump, to strengthen my muscles and to find a wheelchair friendly and adaptable home.

Well I did amazingly well. First of all, I have lost 6 stone in weight. I had my gastric bypass surgery and have worked my butt off to lose weight. I am down from a size 26 to a size 18 and although I have not lost any weight in 14 weeks, I did amazing while the process lasted. It was not easy and I have life long changes to stick to now. I did really well.

My New goal for this year is to go from around 98kg down to 90kg. I’m currently 15.5stone so if I can I will aim to lose weight until I reach 14 stone. I don’t know if I can but I will sure try and I may even join some slimming club to help me.

I found an Endocrinologist after 3 years who was able to set me up on an adrenal pump. I have a second hand pump and saved as much as I could to pay for private treatment and to save for when this pump fails. I paid a huge amount towards my treatment and fundrasied around £250 last year.  I have £2000 of the £3000 I need for my future pump and so in 2017 I plan to fundraise and save again and find the final £1000 for my adrenal pump

I am now funding my own medicaton for the adrenal pump, which is saving the NHS thousands upon thousands of pounds. I’ve been in hospital once in 10 months (I had food poisoning which affected my cortisol levels). It would cost a small amount for the NHS to fund my medication and pump supplies each month, less than £2000 a year which is less than what I would cost during a hospital stay. Before the pump I was a regular visitor of A and E and the hospital wards. Iftmakes financial sense and would lift the burden from my family to be funded. I genuinely deserve to be so I am appealing for funding of medication in 2017

It took the whole year but we moved into a home which suits our family needs and is adaptable. We moved in Decmeber and that goal was accomplished. I plan this year, 2017 to add some adaptations to the home to make it easier for me on my worst days. 

After 1 year on Human Growth Hormone therapy and eight months on the Adrenal Pump my muscle strength has improved. I am able to get around the house easier. I can climb the stairs when I’m feeling more well and walk small distances. My goal for 2017 is to continue to work on my muscles and endurance. I plan to go swimming with my daughter twice a month. I am not sure how this will go as I have not swum in years but I will give it a shot. 

And finally I have a new health issue since my Gastric Bypass. I struggle to drink water regular or at least large amounts of water and so I am struggling a lot with dehydration and headaches. I also have Vitmain deficiencies which drain my energy levels so my goal for 2017 is to learn to drink water regular and to learn to manage my vitamin and nutrients medication every day. It’s not easy and something I’m working on. I hope by the end of 2017 I will have this mastered. 

So These Are My New Health Goals for 2017

1- Lose 8kg down to 90kg.

2- Fundraise the final £1000 for my adrenal pump.

3- Appeal for medication Funding.

4- Add adaptations to the home.

5- Swim twice a month.

6- Learn to drink water and better manage vitamin medications. 

Can I do this? I hope I can and I believe I can. I just have to work at it like last year and follow my dreams.

Angela x


health goals

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    1. Thanks Rachel. As I’m not well enough for a gym I cant just sign up and go to a gym which is why I am hoping to try gentle water walking in the pool.

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